New Asian dragon on the market, 199,800 yuan, price reduction is the king of harvesting?

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At present, the product classification in the automobile market is becoming more and more detailed, which indicates that consumers’ demand is becoming more and more accurate, and their requirements for cars are becoming more and more strict.B+ market is also the focus of consumers, in order to seize the market, car companies are also painstakingly launched new cars, replacement cars, modified cars and so on.On March 30, Toyota officially launched the all-new Asian Dragon, a model that has attracted much attention in China since it entered the market in 2019, as it does now.The new Asiatic Dragon is a flagship sedan built on the basis of Toyota TNGA architecture, so the appearance is also the latest family design language, basically continuing the design of the current model, mainly for the air intake grille and headlamp part of some modifications.Among them, the 2.0 L and 2.5 L double qing version of the air intake grille is horizontal design, and the new model on the basis of the original to join some of the vertical lines, changed from strip to block, also increased a little bit off the chrome plated details of type, and 2.5 L petrol half models is the continuation of the style of black honeycomb China highlights the movement style, face before China accounts for most of the size,Domineering side leakage.The interior of the large light groups on both sides has also been optimized, eliminating the small orange pieces at both ends, making the visual effect more narrow.The side of the new car is not changed much, but also the basic continuation of the cash design, looks fuller, the use of segway waist line, looks more powerful, the new car added three new style rims.In terms of size, the length, width and height are 4990/1850/1450mm, and the wheelbase is 2870mm. The length of the new body has been increased by 15mm.The rear of the car, it’s simpler, but it’s layered.The taillight adopts a penetrating design;The rear enclosure has been redesigned, removing the exhaust trim at the bottom and replacing it with a one-piece black panel for a sporty look.Finished looking at the exterior, and then look at the interior, the change is still not big, and cash similar degree is very high.The center console still has a symmetrical layout, but there are new electronic meters and, for simplicity, physical buttons on both sides of the touch screen have been removed so that the screen can enjoy more real estate.In terms of configuration, high car also added a full LCD instrument, smart keys, wireless charging, etc.In terms of power, the entry-level model has a 2.0L in-line four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 131kW and a maximum torque of 210N·m, matched with a CVT transmission.The 2.5-L model continues to be powered by a 2.5-L naturally aspirated engine, code-named A25A, with a maximum power of 154kW and a maximum torque of 250Nm, matched with an eight-speed automatic transmission.The two-engine powertrain consists of a 2.5-L engine, an E-CVT transmission, a battery pack and an electric motor.The maximum power of the system is 160kW.In the last paragraph, the selling price range of the new car is 1998-279,800 yuan, which is reduced by 10,000 yuan compared with the previous generation. In general, I think the comprehensive strength of this car is quite good, as a mid-term model.However, there are also many people who believe that Toyota’s ever-changing models are actually lack of innovation. To meet the needs of the huge group of consumers, it is not enough to only change the appearance. Without the courage of self-reform, Asiatic Dragon can only stay where it is, and it is very difficult to move forward.Through these remarks can be seen that today’s consumer vision, demand is very fierce, but to make a change is not a simple thing to complete, or need time to buffer, in the future there will certainly be surprises waiting for everyone.