What vitamin does human body lack chairman white hair?Can white hair be unplugged?You’ll see

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With the growth of age, their blood will also decline, their tissues and organs will also decline and decline, the most important is in the head, a lot of people get old, will grow some gray hair.Both not beautiful at the same time also showed that he arrived at the degree of aging.This year, 34 years old Mr. Zhou, this time to look in the mirror, suddenly found his head long a lot of white hair, let his daughter have nothing to pull out his white hair, Mr. Zhou thought he was aging?The white hair didn’t think much of it.But then he found that some of his friends were older than him and still had black and thick hair. Mr. Zhou began to panic.What is the cause of gray hair?Under normal circumstances, the young black hair sleek, often hair is a white-haired elderly, the young black hair sleek, this is because the hair is rich of melanin, will cause the head of the more melanin will dark shiny hair, color is also more and more black, opposite the melanin content decrease or rarely, hair color is very light,Sometimes it becomes pale yellow, and sometimes it induces white hair.With the aging of the human body and the growth of age, the pigment cells in the hair follicle will stop producing melanin, the hair this thing will gradually become white, the human body does not secrete melanin glands, melanin in each hair more secreted production, so the hair will appear a gray phenomenon.From the point of view of Traditional Chinese medicine: white hair induces 4 big pathogenesis, are: liver and kidney insufficiency, blood heat partial sheng, emotional trouble, qi and blood deficiency.Become white hair white hair in their liver, kidney, qi and blood, spleen and stomach function has certain relevance, it is because these organs appeared abnormal or pathological changes caused by premature hair turned white, is likely to be kidney deficiency, own kidney is enough to make a hair pitch-black shine, it is for hair growth is the result of qi and blood, nourishing qi and blood is sufficient, the hair will be more good.Why can some young people appear the phenomenon of white hair?As young people tend to be more Yang, they get angry easily.Once the fire will damage their own physical health, will also damage Yin blood, resulting in blood deficiency hot and dry, hair then will not get a certain nourishing ingredients, which will lead to the hair of white hair gradually increase.The trouble of love, it is said that overnight urgent whitehead, this situation we have also seen, but not common, some people will because of a major accident in the family, anxious to get angry, between the night of white head, when the person is in the condition of extreme sadness, there is the phenomenon of early white hair.02 premature white hair, generally related to the following factors 1, too much pressure, too much pressure, but also affect the growth of white hair and white hair growth rate, hair follicle pigment regenerative stem cells, if the pressure or pain, will produce a certain nerve stimulation, will cause certain damage.In ordinary times, we often see young people with gray hair phenomenon, the most important is due to long-term pressure is not released, resulting in scalp damage, hair follicle melanin less and less impact.2, genetic factors to remove the symptoms of genetic factors is also one of the important reasons caused by white hair, generally have this situation is a family history, local white hair is more common, this is that we often can not see the phenomenon of white.3, a lack of vitamin a hair color has significant correlation with secretion of melanin, the pigment melanin secretion and collaterals neuraminidase there is material, the secretion of neuraminidase has significant correlation with their own vitamin supplements, so want to produce melanin, in the process, must be timely supplement some vitamins, and dietary fiber and trace elements.Long-term lack of vitamins, if the body will lead to the hair become weak gradually turned white phenomenon, when your body lacks vitamin B5 and vitamin B12, it may bring about a hair to bleach, speed will accelerate, recommend at ordinary times must be compensatory and enough nutrition intake, can let you well nourish the scalp to improve the phenomenon of white hair.4. Effects of disease such as:Albinism, vitiligo, tuberculosis, anemia, the consumption of these diseases will slowly, hair also consumes the nutrients needed nutrients of human existence, causes the human body of melanin synthesis, a white hair, sometimes will also reflect on the skin, can distinguish different local law white squares of different sizes, appear this kind of circumstance is must go to a hospital making relevant inspection,Make sure you’re healthy.What does the white hair in different places mean?Different positions appear different, white hair represents the meridians of qi and blood unobstructed phenomenon, there are three positions most prone to white hair:1, the forehead long white hair appears in this situation, on behalf of the patient’s stomach is not smooth, spleen and stomach disorder is easy to cause the forehead long white hair, if the patient has this situation, is to prove that his spleen and stomach problems, so we must go to the hospital in time to do a related examination.2, liangbin long white hair appears this situation, on behalf of the patient’s own liver qi and blood is not smooth, gallbladder problems, there are two main reasons for this situation: one is insufficient liver blood, traditional Chinese medicine that the liver is the main blood, if the liver blood is insufficient, it is easy to grow white hair;Second, long-term pressure, excessive anxiety and other problems will also cause the liver qi and blood blockage, resulting in white hair.3, the hair on the back of the head when this situation represents the patient’s kidney essence qi and blood is not unobpatently, the top of the head is the location of winter and Ren mai, these two meridians and their kidneys have a close relationship, if the kidney qi is insufficient, it is easy to appear white hair.If you want to alleviate the symptoms of gray hair, you need to watch your kidney health.04 as the saying goes: pull a white hair, long three white hair, white hair can be pulled out?Read long knowledge usually can someone say pull out a white hair, grow 10 white hair, this kind of situation, that this kind after all is true or false, the fact does not meet because of the appearance of white hair, it is because of our melanin melanin decision melanin cell to stop making melanin can appear the situation of gray hair.It should be noted that this does not mean that we can casually pull out white hair, because it will harm our skin, hair follicles can cause damage, which can cause folliculitis.Conclusion: the friends before the screen have appeared the phenomenon of white hair at ordinary times?When appear white hair, can you unplug by oneself?Healthy New Year