Douban 8.5 points, this woman is too terrible, fall in love with her is also a kind of sad

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At last month’s Silk Road International Film Festival, tickets for the old film “Rouge” were hard to get.It has been 35 years since the film premiered, starring Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui.That year, Rouge was not only nominated for best Drama at the Golden Horse Awards, but also helped Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui win the best Actor and Best Actress awards.Up to now, the film still occupies a place on douban’s movie list.400,000 people gave it 8.4 points on Douban.The great success of the film can not be separated from its namesake original work “Rouge” credit.Compared with the film, the novel is more exciting.As the saying goes, once a woman falls in love, it is hard to avoid the fate of a confidante.”Rouge” there is such a woman crazy for love – such as flowers.In order to be able to be with her beloved person together, she not only risked her life, even ghost also refused to let go of him…A late missing person’s notice Yongding has recently been attached to a woman, like a dog’s skin plaster can not be thrown off.The woman, whose name was Ruhua, came to the newspaper to publish a missing person notice.Content is very simple: twelve little, the old place waiting for you!Such as flower.But other than that, I don’t know much.I don’t even have the money to put up a poster.Yongding thought she had come to cause trouble and sent her away.On the way home from work, I always feel that someone is following me.Look back, it is such as flowers.Before Yongding asked her why she was following him.Such as flower hurriedly explain: oneself only asked 7 days of leave, request forever must help oneself to find 12 little.It is pitiful to see her forever as a weak girl, a stranger in a strange place.Think you can help!Just then, they passed a divination booth.Yongding then asked the master to “calculate” the flower, but he had a small plan in mind: the woman was so talkative that she didn’t know what to ask.Let the master take a look. Maybe we can get some clues.But who knows, fortune teller to such as the flower after the calculation of a gua, “swish” once, the sole of the oil will not be seen.There’s no rush for stalls.Yongding was frightened by this scene “silly”, the heart also muttered: such as flower this is what fate, can the fortune teller scared into such?”Yongding said in his heart, vaguely remembering when they were chatting just now, ruhua said that she often listened to plays like” Peony Pavilion “and” Chen Shimei “.In this day and age, what other girls like to listen to such a play?Yongding glanced quietly at the flower from the corner of his eye: her face was pale and she spoke feebly.And wearing an old cheongsam of unknown age.I don’t look like a modern man.The more Yongding thought about it, the more frightened he became. As the flower said, it was as if he had been poured a bucket of ice water in the cold winter.”I was only twenty-two when I died, and this time I am looking for someone.It has been 50 years since yanggu……Yongding shuddered and stood up one by one.His nervous speech all kowtow, kept begged flower don’t pester yourself.He begged the flower for a while not to drain their own blood, for a while said his history is not good to help the flower what busy……Standing in the side of the flower just glanced at yongding one eye, she was in front of the man of the kind of tears.At the end she just lightly said: it is not looking for you.And Yongding had been scared to death, where also listen to the words like flowers.And so it goes on forever.Gradually, he found that the flower really did not hurt his meaning.He was relieved and began to wonder what relationship twelve little had with flowers.Unable to bear to look back brothel past in the eternal questioning, such as flower also had to go all out with twelve little story.Twelve shao, whose real name was Chen Zhenbang, was the young owner of three Chinese medicine and seafood shops on the north-south line, while Ruhua was a famous prostitute in Shitang Tsui.They fell in love at first sight.How could a respectable family in feudal times allow its son to marry a prostitute.What’s more, Twelve little has already had a finger belly for marriage fiancee.Twelve little in order to and flower together, under the anger, chose to run away from home.But it also means the twelve have no financial resources at all.To support himself without being accused of being a soft touch.Twelve little had to apprentice to the troupe.It is just that the eldest son of a rich family could not endure such hardships. After all, it is just playing games. It is very difficult to think red.The so-called poor couples are so sad that soon they can hardly afford to eat.For this, such as flower often by twelve little blame: if not you, I can not fall into such a field.But the reality is still there, and they can neither change nor live.Two hearts a horizontal, they want to swallow opium suicide.They chose the day, each put on his most respectable clothes, just as the so-called go also want to go gracefully.If it were not for the sadness in his expression, no one would have believed that they were doomed lovers.The moment of martyrdom or arrived, such as flower first took the opium that belongs to oneself, haven’t had time to see twelve less pay, close the eyes……Can go a step first flower but how also did not wait for her twelve little, and this wait is fifty years.Such as spend the world to find twelve little, since the world yangshou reduced 7 years for the price, in exchange for 7 days in Yang.The flower said that he and twelve at least a secret – 38 77.This number is the date they agreed to die for love, as long as looking for this clue will be able to find twelve little.This is the truth of what love is, and it’s a testament to life and death.But life and death of love, but not necessarily worth aftertaste.After listening to the story of flower, determined to help her find twelve little.But after all, 50 years have passed and Hong Kong has changed so much that it is not easy to find someone.Three eight seven seven, it could be the address, it could be the license plate number, it could be the date…They ran around like headless chickens, and of course nothing came of it.When they are about to give up, yongding is in an antique shop, discovered special record brotholous affair “day swims daily”.Above a line of small characters caused the attention of the eternal: “a prostitute crazy entanglement, a yanxia formula forever;Rich young dream wake up, sleeping pills loose sneak.”See here, yongding is very confused: flower never mentioned before there are sleeping pills.In order to find out the truth, yongding gave the newspaper to the flower.And he told her, Twelve shao is not dead, but still living on earth.And instead of swallowing opium, he took sleeping pills…Yongding has not finished words, such as flowers have pear with rain, choked with tears.She slowly told the truth. “I put the sleeping pill in the wine…”Originally, such as worry about twelve little do not want to die with yourself, they advance in the wine mixed with sleeping pills.If twelve little willing and their own love, it will die of opium, if not willing, will also die of sleeping pills.Such as thousands of thousands of calculations but calculations missed, the Chen family will exhaust their financial resources to treat twelve little.Finally twelve less in the arrangement of the family and fiancee married……Such as flower abandoned their own life, sacrifice their afterlife, but in the end is in vain.Affectionate always hurt by ruthless “rouge buckle” the author is always have “the world speech affection first person” said Li Bihua.Compared with those women writers who are good at weaving love, Li Bihua is better at deconstructing love.In her writing, love is no longer simple and beautiful, but complex, even can be said to be sad, hateful.Like this “rouge” same, a spoony brothold woman fell in love with the rich young master of charming ti tang, in reality by all means under the block, two people meet to die for love.They loved each other, but they loved their imaginary love more.So, twelve less in the survival of the occasion only their survival, get rid of the pressure brought to their own flowers, completely ignore the life of flowers.And the flower is chosen to be a gorgeous martyrdom, into a deliberate murder.Men lust for life, women lust for love.So their story is doomed to be a tragedy.Dong Qing said, “Love should not be like a flame, but like water, so that it can last.”The flower of love is so hot that it burns itself but cannot illuminate others.Love with vigour and vitality although a beautiful, but long love is the true meaning of life.