Lesson 1: Training courseware for new employees entering the factory

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2022 Spring Festival After the resumption of work and production safety management data collection (the end of the article attached download method, for reference only) 001.Resume Application and Report 002. Resume Plan 003. Resume Safety Measures and plans 004.Resume work safety technology disclosure 005. Resume work education paper 006. Resume work PPT training courseware 007.Work Resumption Safety Inspection Form and Basis 008. Work Resumption Safety Data of Epidemic Prevention and Control 009. Summary report on Work Resumption 010.Other (resume work commitment, resume work evaluation report, etc.) after the holiday resume ten checklist courseware -2022 Spring Festival after safety education……The above captured images are part of the file, if you want to know more about the file content, please download the file by the following method!Download method: If it is helpful to you, please pay attention to wechat public number (security technology production) background reply: “Spring Festival resume”, xiaobian will send download link as soon as possible.Give you a fist![beg][beg][beg]