Ruifeng Garden Family Farm in Wengyuan County was awarded the title of “Guangdong Model Family Farm”

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Ruifeng Garden Family Farm in Wengyuan County is located at the foot of Zhanqi Mountain, Furong Village, Ba zai Town.In recent years, the farm has achieved high economic benefits with perfect infrastructure and standardized management mode, and was awarded as “Guangdong Province Model Family Farm” in 2021.Ruifeng Garden family farm currently has more than 100 mu of fruit trees such as Jiuxiantao, Sanhua Plum, green plum and crystal pear.Farms, Liu Yuancai said that since 2018, the farm is in the cultivation, production, management, and other aspects, using micro tillage machine, truck, lawn mower and other agricultural machinery equipment, and actively participated in the training course, county agricultural sector organizations working to improve the technology, greatly improve the farm production efficiency and economic benefits.Liu Yuancai, owner of Ruifeng Garden Family Farm: A lot of people don’t like it. They say your orchard has so many weeds.This is through our years of learning, no herbicide, we just let it (field) grass, and then use manual to cut grass, it back to the field, so as to achieve green ecological orchard.Liu yuancai said that scientific planting management technology can make the orchard land is not easy to appear the phenomenon of compaction, soil organic matter content greatly increased, at the same time, in pruning pay attention to ensure sufficient light, nutrient transport concentration, fruit trees planted in three years can grow to the state of six years after planting.At present, the farm planting nine xiantao, Sanhua plum, green plum, crystal pear four fruits have entered the harvest period.Liu Yuancai, owner of Ruifeng Garden Family Farm, said: “The product should be big and even in color, big and beautiful and delicious. The sweetness can reach 17 or 8 degrees, sometimes even more than 20 degrees.In terms of sales, the farm also seized the advantage of the Internet in information exchange to expand product sales channels.Liu Yuancai, owner of Ruifeng Yuan Family Farm, said: “After the government took us to participate in e-commerce training, we use Douyin and wechat video accounts to promote our products to expand our sales, increase our popularity and make our products go further.Under the modern family management mode, farm products are truly green, environmentally friendly and of good quality.In 2021, ruifeng Yuan Family Farm sales nearly 600,000 yuan.Speaking of the future, Liu Yuancai said that he hoped to contribute to the further development and expansion of wengyuan specialty fruit industry.Liu Yuancai, owner of Ruifeng Garden Family Farm: Now I have joined the peach and Plum Association in Wengyuan. (I hope) through the peach and plum Association this platform, we can make the three hua plum and nine xiantao in Wengyuan stronger and bigger.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: