AX RTX 3050 X2W offers 10% more overclocking than GTX 1660S.

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The RTX 3050, as a mainstream graphics card, is finally on the market for sale. The official price is 1899 yuan, from the market reflection, most of the actual transaction price is around 2300 to 2500 yuan. At present, in this price range, there is really no choice for the new graphics card.To some extent, this is to replace the GTX 16 series, of course, now is different from the past, the overall graphics card prices have gone up, this is the reality, compared to the previous price level is meaningless, there is a need to buy naturally.This time, AX RTX 3050 X2W is opened. It is an emerging brand belonging to Inmain, which targets at e-sports game players. It has the reliable production chain quality of Bainen, and you don’t need to worry about it.They are X2W, X2W OC, and X2W PRO. The former two only have different Boost frequencies, while the latter use different materials and Boost frequencies.RTX 3050 X2W adopts pure white design as a whole, which is suitable for the white theme machine. There are some red and blue brand simple elements and lines on the guide cover. The style may be inclined to be as high as a fighter, strong back production chain, simple design and affordable price, which are its market advantages.The graphics card is designed with two 8.5cm fans. The ITX type is suitable for mainstream products with the performance scale of the RTX 3050. The length of this card is 225mm, and it is not an extreme short card, but it is suitable for most small cases.In the middle is the standard GEFORCE RTX LOGO, which is designed in blue to correspond to the brand style. The upper part is equipped with a set of single 8PIN power supply interface. For RTX 3050, the basic power consumption is only 130W, which can be fully satisfied.Besides the graphics card itself, investing your budget in a good power supply is just as important.In terms of video output, the standard dual-slot design, the RTX 3050 X2W boasts one HDMI 2.1 and three DP 1.4A, the same configuration as the RTX 30 family.There are no bottlenecks on that front.The metal backplane design is naturally indispensable. There is a pattern similar to Gundam Warrior on the backplane, echoing the design style of the deflector, corresponding to the brand’s red and blue, and hollow processing in part of the position, which can assist the cooling of the back components of PCB.RTX 3050 X2W adopts NVIDIA public PCB, 4 phase core display +1 phase video memory power supply design, has four 2GB magnesia GDDR6 video memory particles, as for the heat dissipation scale, only uses aluminum extrusion + two 6mm heat pipes + direct contact simple design, there are rubber pads between the backplane and PCB, to achieve the effect of auxiliary heat dissipation.The heat dissipation configuration is conservative, but the subsequent heat dissipation test proved to be fully meet the needs of most players, after all, the product positioning is in front of us.The theory, heat dissipation and overfrequency test processor uses Intel Core I5 12600K, the main board is MSI Z690 EDGE Ti, two Chichi TridentZ DDR4-3600 8GBX2 double channel, using NVIDIA 511.32WHQL latest graphics card driver,Assemble Windows 11 21H2 latest operating system, you can give full play to the role of twelve generations of Core hardware thread scheduler, display is Viewsonic XG2703-GS 2K specifications, this test 2K resolution below the project.This graphics card has a nominal Boost frequency of 1777Mhz, which is consistent with NVIDIA’s official specifications. It runs in pci-e 4.0×8 mode, so even on pci-e 3.0 platforms, you don’t need to worry about bandwidth.However, the default power consumption of this graphics card is 130W, and the maximum power consumption is also limited to 130W. Will locking the power wall affect the overclocking test?There is no harm without comparison. As a comparison of data, the competitor of RTX 3050 X2W is Inzhong GTX 1660 SUPER Ice Dragon SUPER Edition. Its Boost frequency is 1785Mhz, and its performance positioning is higher than that of the mainstream.The RTX 3050 has new features such as a light chase unit and DLSS that make for a different gaming experience, and 8GB of video memory is key for some games.Fire Strike Extreme project, Fire Strike RTX 3050 graphics card score: 15940, GTX 1660 SUPER score: 1693,GTX 1660 SUPER score 7203,3.3% Fire Strike Ultra project, RTX 3050 graphics card score 3376, GTX 1660 SUPER score 3116,8.3% Time Spy project,RTX 3050 graphics card score 6176, GTX 1660 SUPER score 6025,2.5% Time Spy Extreme project, RTX 3050 graphics card score 2817, GTX 1660 SUPER score 2782,1.2%3DMARK five traditional items run score comparison, can be found in addition to DX11& AMP;For the 1080P Fire Strike project, the RTX 3050 is only 1.5% behind, while other projects are all ahead of GTX 1660 SUPER, which is the most basic X2W model of AX esports reaper. Boost frequency is relatively low, of course, the lead is not much.The RTX 3050 is actually the performance level of the GTX 1660 Ti, but the actual game experience is quite different.The heat dissipation test is one of the key points. In the traditional Fire Strike pressure test, the stability of this RTX 3050 X2W is 98.8%, and its performance is normal. In this way, the operating frequency is around 1900Mhz, but the fan noise is a little bit.The final core maximum temperature is 68.5℃ (room temperature 17℃ bare machine platform), this heat dissipation is not very good, but it is definitely above the mainstream level, after all, the graphics card product positioning is placed there, the price is also.The overclocking test is the most surprising, the RTX 3050 X2W positioning is certainly not a very high-end non-public, and the GPU-Z specification map can see that the power limit is completely locked, but it can achieve the core +270MHz (namely, Boost frequency of 2047MHz) and video memory frequency of 16.9Gbps feat.It successfully passed the Fire Strike project test, increased by 12.8% compared to the default, and proved that 130W power consumption can meet the overclocked requirements of RTX 3050. The key is that the GPU constitution is good enough.GTX 1660 SUPER frame test normal game project “Marvel Galaxy Guardians” 1080P preset extremely high picture quality, RTX 3050 average 94fps, GTX 1660 SUPER average 91fps, an increase of 3%, “PUBG” 1080P three ultra high + other ultra low,RTX 3050 average 165fps, GTX 1660 SUPER average 160fps, increased by 3% total War: Three Kingdoms 1080P preset extremely high quality, RTX 3050 average 46fps, GTX 1660 SUPER average 45fps, improved by 2%Horizon 5 1080P preset extreme picture quality, RTX 3050 average 54fps, GTX 1660 SUPER average 40fps, 35% improvement forza:Horizon 5 1440P presets extreme picture quality, RTX 3050 average 45fps, GTX 1660 SUPER average 34fps, 32% improvementPioneer 1080P manual maximum graphics +FSR ultimate quality, RTX 3050 average 79fps, GTX 1660 SUPER average 71fps, 11% improvement resident Evil:Village 1080P manual Max graphics, RTX 3050 average 143fps, GTX 1660 SUPER average 132fps, 8% improvement resident Evil:Village 1440P manual highest quality, RTX 3050 average 92fps, GTX 1660 average 84fps, 9% improvementThe RTX 3050 can run an average of 92fps. The RTX 3050 can run an average of 66fps. The RTX 3050 can run an average of 92fps.The first three items are all 2% to 3% ahead of GTX 1660 SUPER. That is, the RTX 3050 is equivalent to the PERFORMANCE level of GTX 1660 Ti. With the emergence of new games, the ADVANTAGES of RTX 3050 will also be shown.GTX 16 series of 6GB video memory in some games, even the resolution of 1080P is broken, this will be a big gap by RTX 3050, maybe can compete with RTX 2060 6GB,Finally, because the RTX 3050 has RT Core and Tensor Core, it actually works fine in 1080P games, which the GTX 16 series doesn’t.To sum up, the replacement object of RTX 3050 is GTX 16 series, which has the basic performance of GTX 1660 Ti and features of light chase and DLSS. Its advantages will be reflected in more new games in the future, and 8GB video memory is sufficient for the experience of 1080P extreme picture quality.E-sports from the guest back to the 3050 X2W RTX graphics, relatively short plate and the level of pure white in appearance, solid and PCB, surprising overclocking ability (10% increased problems in the actual game is not big) and relative to other non-public more affordable prices, these all are the selling point of it, of course the cooling performance is qualified level, is not good.