“Brave” and “sweet” What is this tiger?

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When I was a child, it was the most exciting moment to turn a “dragon” in front of the sugar wheel.If it turns to other small “birds and beasts”, a “dragon” and another small candy, which one will you share with your good friend?With the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, non-hereditary inheritors have also added “tiger” elements to the sugar painting.In the wide and narrow alley, zhang Daocheng, the inheritant of sugar painting, is cooking sugar with a warm fire. In front of the stall, there are abundant sugar paintings, such as tigers, flower baskets and figures, attracting passers-by.Every time tourists come to experience, Zhang Daocheng always “a spoonful of a shovel”, with their own skilled and exquisite skills to draw tourists on the turntable of the “birds and animals”.Sugar painting, a traditional folk handicraft, is shaped with sugar as the material.With only a spoonful and a shovel of tools, the sugar is usually red and white sugar and a little caramel on the stove with warm fire. When the sugar can be pulled, it can be used for casting.When drawing the shape, the artist scoops up the melted sugar juice with a small spoon and quickly casts it back and forth on the stone slab to draw the shape. The folk artist’s hand skill is the key to the shape.When the shape is finished, then use a small knife to scoop up the sugar painting, stick on the bamboo stick.Planning puwei reporter Kong Weirui intern reporter Ze dengwang video Kong Weirui intern reporter Ze dengwang special thanks Chengdu Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center non-genetic inheritor Zhang Daocheng editor Li Min proofread Wang Ling