Fuyuan County took various measures to carry out joint law enforcement inspection of the publication market and network cultural environment during the Spring Festival

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On January 24, Fuyuan County carried out a joint law enforcement inspection of the cultural market and online cultural environment within its jurisdiction in light of the epidemic prevention and control situation and requirements, effectively strengthening the supervision of the publication market and online cultural environment during the Spring Festival, maintaining a high pressure situation of “fighting pornography and illegal publications”, and severely cracking down on all kinds of publishing and communication activities related to pornography and illegal publications.To create a happy and peaceful social and cultural atmosphere for the 2022 Spring Festival.The joint inspection centered on the reception of the Party’s 20 major work lines, focusing on the investigation and crackdown on all kinds of political harmful publications, the sale of publications without licenses, the sale of pirated publications and the sale of pornographic, violent and terrorist content of publications, rectify and standardize the operation order of the cultural market.Copy picture capture network control.Organize the county letter do it brigade, county, county public security bureau bureau, county ministry bureau and other departments, to the portal website, weibo, WeChat, BBS, post bar, QQ group, the working group of negative public opinion on the net, focusing on involved political security, adultury and network reading (illegal and harmful information) to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, combined with the important festival, activities, time node,The existing monitoring software was used to carry out network inventory of all kinds of media platforms at all levels in the county, and 18 pieces of network public opinion were monitored and disposed of, 4 pieces of vulgar and vulgar network information were cleaned up, and 6 pieces of harmful information were complained to Yunnan Network Information Complaint Center.Copy pictures to catch market inventory.Organizational culture, network communication, public security, and a number of members in market regulation law enforcement power, law enforcement officials 150 people, the law enforcement vehicle 2, 9 printing enterprises in urban areas, 10 typing copy shop, 11 publications, business units, four Courier delivery point and multiple checking up temporary, mobile stalls, to hunt down the illegal and harmful content printing business activities.During the festival, focus on the market, second-hand goods market, red tourist attractions and other key parts where the sale of illegal publications is prone to occur, strengthen the open and secret investigation, so as to achieve no dead spots, no blind areas.At the same time, 20 “anti-pornography and illegal” grassroots stations and rural library construction and management.In the inspection process, law enforcement personnel check the business license of the business place in detail, the source of purchase, information registration and other situations, to whether there is illegal operation, the spread of political rumors and vulgar, pornographic, murder and violence, feudal superstition, absurdity and other harm to physical and mental health of illegal publications carried out a serious inventory.Explain relevant laws and regulations to the owners who do not operate in a standard way, so as to improve the owners’ awareness of legitimate operation and their consciousness of maintaining the safety of the cultural market.Seize channels and block them.In view of the increase in the number of goods sent and delivered during the festival, the security risk investigation will be strengthened, and transportation, railway, postal and express delivery enterprises will be required to fully implement the postal delivery, transportation safety system and inspection measures, and harmful publications found in the delivery will be timely reported and backtracked.Copy the picture near the Spring Festival, through the multiple measures simultaneously, online and offline joint inspection, the county-wide network anomalies detected in cultural environment, cultural market further purification, play “against pornography and illegal publications” primary site and the positive role of random house, ensure the county-wide political, ideological and cultural security,Actively create a happy and peaceful social and cultural atmosphere during the festival.Edited by Zou Lingfeng, Qin Hongwei, Cao Fei, Published by Yan Ping