On the sixth day of the first month, 1 send, 1 walk, 2 eat, 1 place, 1 please thriving for a whole year

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The sixth day of the first lunar month is the last day of the Long Spring Festival holiday.A lot of people are going back to work after today.Although the holiday is over, but the Spring Festival has not passed, the taste of the New Year is still there.This year, the sixth day of the year is the Year of Renyin, The month of Renyin and the day of Gengyin. “Three Yin”, according to the old man, is a good day once in a century.In the traditional folk culture of old times, there are customs of “1 send, 1 leave, 2 eat, 1 pendulum, 1 please” on this day.Send poor ghost send poor ghost is our country folk unique custom when the age, is the so-called, ten miles of different customs, in different places to send poor time is not the same.Some are on the third day of the first month, some are on the fifth day of the first month, and some are on the 29th day of the first month…This is why some friends will feel strange, why the first few days, every day to send poor ghost?Which day is the real one?Notes on the Age of One: “On the other day, a dung broom was swept, and when he was not on his way, seven pancakes were put on it to send his poor away.”Day, namely the seventh day of the first month.On the sixth day of the first month, sweep all the rubbish in the house together and put them into a dustpan.Put seven pancakes on top of it, and when there is no one on the road, put them at the crossroads and send the poor man away.In fact, although the day of poverty is different, but have you noticed?These dates are in the first lunar month, which reflects people’s wish to get rid of poverty as soon as possible and live a richer and happier life in the New Year.Going out There is a folk saying that “three, six and nine go out”.The sixth day of this year is a good day, the weather is fine, might as well take the family to the suburbs to go.In ancient times, people would deliberately set the route as a circle when they went out on the sixth day of the New Year, hoping to live a happy and round life in the New Year.Have the friend of leisure, might as well try to go up!It is said that the Goddess Nu Wa created a horse on the sixth day of the first lunar month, so the sixth day is also called “Horse Day”.In the old days, people started to pull out fertilizer from this day, ready for spring ploughing.In ancient times, the horse was a rare animal, and ordinary people could not afford to keep it, so they used donkeys similar to horses instead.According to legend, donkeys were given a day off on “Horse Day” in order to make them feel as valuable as their horses and work harder in the following fields. The donkeys were so happy when they heard the news that they rolled on the ground.In most parts of northern China, a kind of bean flour cake is made on the sixth day of the first lunar month. In the final process, it is coated with soybean flour, which looks like the loess kicked up by donkeys when they roll around, hence the name “Donkey Roll.”2) eat hot pot in the south such as Chaoshan and other places, on the sixth day of the first month will choose to eat hot pot, meaning to send away the poor god, the day over the more prosperous.The sixth day of the first lunar month is the first day for businesses to open their doors for business. In the old days, in order to get a good omen, businesses would put a basin in front of the shop filled with large oranges.”Orange” and “ji” sound similar, symbol of wealth and good luck, business is booming.An old please, when the business opened also need to find a “quan Fu people” (full of children and grandchildren, gao Tang are in, the couple shun women), to the store to turn around on a circle, while walking and saying auspicious words, for a blessing, the business is booming, but now this custom has been very rare.Finally, on the sixth day of the year, the Spring Festival holiday for many people will soon come to an end. Some people have already returned to work, and some people are on their way back. The stressful year will soon begin again.I wish you all happiness, wealth and happiness in the New Year!# Red-hot Chinese New Year