Qingdao brand happy New Year!The three-winged bird is ungainly

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In recent years, with the development and expansion of “Qingdao Golden Flower” and the comprehensive implementation of “gongfu Qingdao”, Qingdao has formed a “Qingdao phenomenon” of famous brands, famous enterprises and famous brand products.With the arrival of the Spring Festival, Qingdao brand brings many quality products to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.On January 31, Qingdao Industry and Information Bureau hosted the “Ode to Work Qingdao” New Year festival “YES!Qingdao wisdom!”Broadcast in Qingdao TV news channel, Qingdao TV Lanjing client.In addition to announcing the top ten innovation achievements of Qingdao manufacturing in 2021 and awarding prizes for the short video contest of “Work for Qingdao”, the ceremony also shows the creative scene of the new and old Golden flower brands in Qingdao according to the four themes of “food, clothing, housing and transportation”, highlighting the strength of Qingdao intelligent manufacturing.Among them, in the “Qingdao brand is really ‘unbrio'” plate, Three-winged bird with a new trend of life style, let users see the wisdom of the new era.At present, people’s requirements for life in addition to living well, how to live smarter, more convenient, has become people’s pursuit of high quality life.In The Three-winged bird Qingdao Experience Center 001, brand detective Li Wenshuo seems to be brought into a new world of wisdom.In the short film, following the footsteps of the brand detective, we walked into the three-winged bird intelligent living room. We saw that the curtains in the room were automatically closed, the lights were automatically turned on, and the air conditioner was automatically adjusted to the most comfortable temperature.In the smart bedroom, the smart pillow monitors the sleep status in real time, and the air conditioner is connected to turn on the fresh air to ensure a comfortable sleep all night.In the smart cloakroom, you can simulate the wearing of clothes through the cloud mirror, with complete clothing care and storage.Subsequently, understand clothing cloud mirror “appeared” in the event scene, the host in three wings bird general manager Li Yuanhai’s introduction, immersive experience of its strong wisdom to wear black technology.”In fact, I just experienced the Yiyunjing, which is only a small part of the one-stop customized wisdom home service provided by Three Wings bird.”Li Yuanhai said that at present, Through the one-stop customization of home appliances, home decoration, home furnishing and home life, Sanwing bird can not only provide users with balcony, bedroom and other whole-house scenarios, but also bring users with local space transformation programs. We hope there will be sanwing bird where there is a home.One-stop customization, only for the better life of users can always meet the personalized, quality needs of users, in fact, it is not easy.How, exactly, does the tripteris do it?First of all, from “upgrade product” to “upgrade user scene”, Sanyiao provides not a single net appliance, but a complete set of intelligent scenes, such as smart bike in the smart balcony customized courses, after the exercise, put the change of clothes into the all-in-one washing and drying machine, washing and drying link immediately dry;Second from enterprise leading to user participation, three wings bird changed the traditional supply and demand, not unilaterally to provide products, but with more than 30000 home appliance customers, more than 1000 domestic outfit company, more than 1000 household ecological stewards, more than 20000 designers, more than 14000 complete sets of services such as ecological square, personality customization according to different requirements of users;Last but not least, there is the interaction between a purchase and a lifetime. In general, the buyer and seller only buy out the relationship once. However, The products and services of Sanyiao can be upgraded constantly to meet the changing needs of users and bring smart life to millions of families through the landing capacity of 1+N.Stronger Qingdao needs stronger “manufacturing”.As a scene brand of Haier Zhijia, Three Wings bird with leading scene service ability, continuous breakthrough, for the industry and users to bring new direction and experience, to achieve brand upgrade and development.