There is a sky in Nanjing, which was praised by Li Bai in a poem

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Welcome to my little world of travel, all over the mountains and rivers, all over the sea of yellow sand, just to share the beauty of this world with you. If you also like to travel, then follow my footsteps and set out with the camera!As a city of literature and art, as a city with beautiful scenery city, nanjing is a make people unforgettable place, a lot of tourists in choosing a tourist city, but also would like to find a really beautiful place, so it is definitely a good choice, because there are exhibition wind, and the magnificent sun yat-sen’s mausoleum.Understand the nanjing is a lot of people, also have a lot of people don’t know nanjing, here is the literature and art, also is pure and fresh, there is a sky, is worthy of tourists to visit visit, that is a clear lakes, if driving from the bridge after, is to find the entire surface of the lake is like a mirror,Like a fairy tale, this is the sky and the place where many people clock in to take pictures.And it is said that this lake, but also once li Bai wrote the poem praise, in the evening, the whole lake will be directly rendered into gold, very beautiful.Of course, since it is in Nanjing, then the most worthy to appreciate, to see the place is the Jiming Temple.To nanjing, a lot of people first thought is that the historical background, in fact, in such a culture more full-bodied nanjing, also will have a lot of literature and art, the first to go and have a look is crowing temple, especially in the spring, temple of cherry blossoms in full bloom, the entire nanjing wrapped the breath of love, go on the cherry blossom avenue,Will let people forget the noise around, let the whole Nanjing become more vibrant.Of course, there is also a railway station with a history of more than 100 years in Nanjing. This railway station is Pukou Railway Station, which was built in 1914. It is also known as the most artistic railway station with a history of more than 100 years.For example, people are familiar with the “Family of Gold dust” and so on were shot here, when Mr. Zhu Ziqing’s “Father” article, farewell to his father is also carried out here.In nanjing, and there are many places, there is the railway station in one hundred, is like the sky of the lake, called here is China’s most beautiful bookstore, are also attracted people’s attention now, in the original is through the bunker reformation, no luxuriant adornment, but there have been people produced a lot of resonance, have feelings will be more.In addition to being more artistic and artistic, Nanjing also has a lot of romance. Therefore, tourists who want to have a deeper understanding of Nanjing must carefully observe and discover the unique beauty of Nanjing.Would you like a place like this?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.If you like traveling, be sure to follow me!To travel, follow me not lost!I am your good friend on the road!