Us moves “worst fighter” to frontline!Despise Russian and Chinese air forces?The opposite is true

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Recently, air Force Magazine reported that the US Air Force has designated five of its wings as “pilot wings”, which will be used in large-scale high-intensity air combat against powerful rivals such as China and Russia.However, it is strange that two of the five pilot wings are equipped with A-10 attack aircraft, the so-called “worst fighter aircraft” currently deployed by the US military. Does this mean that the US military looks down on the Russian and Chinese air forces and thinks they are vulnerable?In fact, the opposite is true!(A – 10 attack, nicknamed “warthog”, is A near distance of support as the main task of combat aircraft and air combat capability are close to zero), according to A statement from the U.S. air force the United States air combat command kelly in the memo, the five leading united and its equipment are: 4th and 366th united major operating F – 15 e “strike eagle aircraft;The 23rd and 355th wings are equipped with A-10 Warthog attack aircraft, as well as HH-60G Paving Hawk helicopters and HC-130J Super Hercules special transport aircraft.The 55th Wing is responsible for global reconnaissance, intelligence, electronic warfare and other missions, and has a variety of special operations aircraft such as THE RC-135, OC-135, WC-135, EC-130H.(The f-15E Strike Eagle multi-role fighter is another “worst fighter” in the US military.) In terms of equipment level, the F-15ES of the 4th and 366th wings are already very “old” fighters, in addition to the A-10s of the two wings.Because the F-15E is a McDonnell (now Boeing) upgraded version of the original F-15D two-seat combat trainer, the AIRCRAFT was delivered to the United States Air Force in April 1988, has been 34 years.Two F-15es were lost in the 1991 Gulf War, one in Iraq in 2003 and one in Libya in 2011.By today’s standards, the F-15E’s airframe life is almost exhausted and the on-board equipment is largely obsolete. Currently, the U.S. military is planning to replace the F-15E with a new production F-15EX.(Since last year, the US military has started to equip the latest F-15EX.) It is not difficult to see that the so-called “pilot Wing” established by the US military this time is undoubtedly the “worst fighter” in the front line of confrontation with China and Russia, that is, the bases of the US military or Allies closest to the Border between China and Russia. Once a large-scale conflict really breaks out,These “lead wings” would absorb the first wave of incoming missiles, buying the necessary buffer time for subsequent forces.In the current armed forces confrontation, China and Russia have obvious technological and equipment advantages over the US military in short and medium range ballistic missiles, long-range tactical rocket launchers and hypersonic weapons. The US military has established military bases close to the border of China and Russia, such as the base group on the First island chain Okinawa islands.The U.S. military bases in the Baltic states, Norway, Poland and other countries are close to the Border between China and Russia, so in the event of a war, they will be dealt a devastating blow in the first place.(The plan is to deploy these “old” to the front line to attract fire, so as to buy time for the subsequent advanced fighters to gather and counterattack.) If the U.S. military deployed advanced F-22, F-35 and other fighters to the frontline airfields, then there is no doubt that the first strike, the U.S. military will suffer heavy losses.Therefore, the SO-CALLED “worst fighter” deployed by the US military to the frontline airfields is in essence to “attract firepower”, which will be used to consume the medium and long range strike forces of China and Russia at the beginning of the war, and at the same time buy time for the fifth-generation aircraft to gather and counter attack in the rear.Therefore, the five “pilot wings” designated by the US Air Force are actually “cannon fodder” wings.(The F-35 is already in mass production, and with more than 100 F-22s, the U.S. military still has a large numerical advantage in fifth-generation stealth fighters.) In addition, the U.S. military also plans to form five fighter wings called “Desperate Pilot Wings.”These include the 1st and 325th fighter wings with F-22s, the 388th and 633rd Air Force Base Wings operating F-35s, and the 20th fighter Wing operating F-16CJ.The purpose of the formation of these five regiments is to supplement the above-mentioned five pilot regiments in a state of emergency.Two F-22 wings, two F-35 wings, one F-16 wing, that’s the real elite!The U.S. military believes that it will not be able to deploy its squadrons abroad to fight against powerful rivals like China and Russia, as it has done in the past two decades.It is necessary to strengthen the ability of the whole regiment to cooperate in operation, especially in the harsh and crude environment.(The mig-31 and its Dagger hypersonic missiles can easily destroy first-line U.S. bases.) The change in the U.S. Air Force is a sign of a broader realignment-at least tactically.In other words, it is true that the US military is transforming from the “war on terror” to “great power confrontation”, but the problem is that the overall national strength of the US has declined relatively at present. Although it is envisaged that the “worst fighter plane” is placed in the front line to “attract firepower”,But the subsequent overall combat system is hard in the hypersonic missiles and a new generation of long-range cruise missiles, battered by medium-range ballistic missiles and other weapons to survive, even lead to deploy a group of old fighter jets, is not enough to offset the depending on the number of long-range fire fighting between China and Russia, and China and Russia in the hypersonic weapons and technology advantage.It is naive of the US to expect that a few “worst fighter” wings on the ground, followed by a few replacement wings, would absorb The long-range firepower of China and Russia and buy time to build up its air power.