Why qingming Festival, this is the best answer I have heard

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Qingming, the church we do not forget our roots once asked an elderly uncle: “you are so old, why do you insist on qingming festival every year?”Uncle said a word, let me feel quite deep: “people in this life if there is no root, wherever you go is drifting.Only standing here can I know where I’ve come from and where I’m going.”In the Chinese mind, “root” refers to ancestors, relatives and native land.Searching for our roots during Tomb-sweeping Day reminds us not to forget our roots — not to forget where we started from and why we started.We must follow the teachings of our parents and inherit the spirit of our ancestors.One question on the Internet asks: “Can we really enjoy the protection of our ancestors if we worship and sweep their tombs?”Someone answered: “Worship ancestors, believe not ghosts and gods, but believe that the love of our relatives will not disappear, they in our hearts will not disappear memories.”Death, it just changes the state of life, it doesn’t end our connection with loved ones.In this year after year ceremony, the best memory is to remember, but also let go.The words of life and death teach us to say goodbye in love.Qingming festival is a day about “inheritance”. One of my colleagues goes to the cemetery on Qingming Festival every year. He must bring his own child.This once-a-year experience, he says, helps children learn about the continuity of the blood line, the sense of responsibility, etiquette and gratitude, and is more effective than telling them a hundred times.Take things from one to the other.This may also be yue family name clansman must go to Hangzhou loyal lie ancestral hall, the two sides of the three places must go to the yellow Emperor mausoleum reasons.Tomb-sweeping Day is a day of inheritance, mourning, commemoration, responsibility and Thanksgiving.No matter the inheritance of family education, or the feelings of family and country, all reside in this April worship.Do not forget tomb-sweeping day, and cherish the current tomb-sweeping day falls on the most beautiful season of the year, but also the most sad of all holidays.When we walk in a hurry, don’t forget to stop and look back.There is separation, but death is not the end of life, forgetting is.The sky is clear and the willows are green. May you live up to the time, cherish the present, and live every minute bravely and calmly with the entrust of your loved one.Source: People’s Daily