A fire that lasts 6,000 years, a coal seam fire beneath Australia, never goes out?

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In new south wales, Australia, there is a fire has been going on for 6000 you might think it is true, for 6000 years, even if it rains can put the fire out, but the fact is so incredible, because the lasted 6000 fire is not on the surface, but in 30 meters underground coal burning.The surface part of this coal seam is a small hillside called “Wengen Mountain”, and in the local language of the indigenous people, “Wengen” means “flame”, so Wengen Mountain is actually the Mountain of Flames.In today’s WenGenShan park, although visible to the naked eye cannot see a place open flame, but people everywhere in the 30 meters underground coal bed combustion heat conduction, because WenGenShan surface had been white sinter, yellow sulfate and iron oxide red dyed orange, also filled with the smell of smoke and sulfur in the air,And the surface of Mount Wyngan is always warm.All of this, all because of 30 meters deep underground coal fire on the geology, coal seam fire is a recessive fire coal seam smoldering form earth, earth so far have found thousands of coal seam fire, Australia WenGenShan this place in the world of coal seam fire, because according to the local indigenous handed down from generation to generation and geologists measurements,The Wengenshan coal fire has been burning for at least 6,000 years and is moving south at a rate of about a metre a year.Because of the long duration of the fire, the temperature and circulation system inside mount Wengen are very complete, so the scientific community does not know the extent of the fire inside Mount Wengen, but can only estimate the extent of the fire based on the characteristics of white plant ash in the newly burned area.More than 6000 years, in the underground coal seam at the top of the surface is not nothing grows, because with the passage of time, has been high temperature burning a surface won’t experience the second time, so this area will appear again later plants, from destruction to the new cycle in 20 years to 30 years or so, during this period of taxa are also resistant to high temperature and high fever.The only good thing about mount Wyngan was that few people lived in the area, so there was no danger from the burning coal underground.Compared with the United States of Pennsylvania, leah town, too bad, because a high quality anthracite coal mining town in 1962 caused by firefighters extinguishing underground coal burning, from now on this town with thousands of families began to frequent fire and crack, powerful of sulphur in the air and carbon dioxide also began to make small town residents of mass poisoning.Reasonable, a large number of people began to leave, le town, past quality anthracite resources nor because of the burning coal seam mining, afterward arrived here, scientists also announced, leah town, underground temperature burning fire already broke through 1000 degrees Celsius, the town is no longer suitable for human survival and the surrounding area.Now in the 21st century, the underground coal fires of Centralia, which have been burning for nearly 60 years, show no signs of dying out, and if nothing happens, the town will go to waste forever.However, compared to the Centralia town coal fire, the scientific community is still unknown about the origin of the Wengenshan coal fire. No one knows what happened more than 6,000 years ago, which ignited the super fire, perhaps lightning split the coal seam, or the spontaneous combustion of the coal seam in a dry summer day…According to scientific estimates, the coal seam fire on the earth will consume 20 million ~ 600 million tons of coal every year, including China’s Ningxia Helan Mountain Rujigou mine area, there will be 1.15 million tons of high-quality coal is burned off every year, direct economic loss of 1 billion yuan or so, about 50 years later, the coal seam fire in this mining area will burn out.In principle, the “ground fire” caused by spontaneous combustion of coal seams can burn for decades or even thousands of years. The fundamental reason is the fuel of the coal seam itself and the input of external oxygen. Therefore, the best way to isolate the ground fire or even extinguish the ground fire is to isolate oxygen.Liu cixin’s earlier sci-fi novel, “Fire from the Ground,” follows the burning of coal seams, but here the coal is manually lit to turn it into gas for mining.