Aespa’s Next Level ranked TOP10 on 2021 Melon chart for six months

2022-05-22 0 By

Girl band aespa’s Next Level spent 182 days on Melon TOP10.Melon, a music streaming website, said on Monday, “Melon has dominated the TOP10 songs on the Melon chart for six months.”.Aespa’s Next Level dominated Melon’s TOP10 for half a year in 2021, with 182 days to be exact.Melon said.”Next Level, which debuted on 17 May 2021, entered Melon 24Hits at no. 103, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, and rose to the TOP10 just four days after its release. The TOP100 continued until November, just before Christmas.”Later, Melon said: “Melon has been on the List for a long time because it is loved by both fans and the public.”But Aespa’s “Next Level” has never been no. 1 on a music show in the face of huge popularity and all-kill ripples.Aespa’s “Next Level” garnered more than 200 million views as of Monday.At this point, Aespa is now a K-pop artist with two 200 million videos.