Chevy new Pioneer exposure, star wheel, interior design, configuration of double lift

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As the flagship SUV model of Chevrolet brand in the Chinese market, Pioneer has excellent cost performance, but due to brand factors and outdated interior style, sales have been tepid, and in order to change this situation, Chevrolet will launch the new Pioneer.Today, the 2023 Blazer official image has been released overseas, with tweaks to the exterior design, a larger multimedia display and improved intelligence.It is reported that the new car is expected to be officially launched in overseas markets this summer, while the domestic model will be upgraded at the same time.Here’s how the new Trailblazer stacks up.As shown in the figure, the new car basically continues the appearance design of the current model. In addition to the obvious size of the overall body, the rich line outline of details makes it present a more angular three-dimensional sense, and also caters to the sporty style that Is now the main feature of Chevrolet.Face continued to adopt double up and down before the grille, internal blackened honeycomb structures reveal movement temperament, grille frame increase black trim, however, with the front bumper with further integration of design, and split type chy-tech modelling also synchronous update, up and down line above, lamp become more slender, with new barb LED headlight area, look more aggressive.Body side standard U.S. style, with a good sense of momentum, sectional tall waist line, before and after the match the door at the bottom of the movement of the side skirt, looks very muscular, and floating roof with higher side window frame, added more dynamic atmosphere for body, 21 inches astral type wheel side the biggest change in new car.The tail is mainly for the taillight internal structure adjustment, complex line design texture is excellent.The use of a blackened roof, with blackened rear bumpers and bilateral tailthroats, also represents its sporty nature.The length, width and height of the current model are 4999*1953*1732mm, and the wheelbase is 2863mm.The interior also continues the design style of modern models, with four-frame multi-functional steering wheel and large circular air conditioning air outlet, which can make people feel the rough atmosphere of American models.The main change is a 10.2-inch central control screen with the latest infotainment system, support for car networking, remote control, CarPaly, voice recognition control, 4G Wi-Fi and other functions.Also upgraded are the standard Chevrolet safety AIDS, including automatic emergency braking, following distance warning, collision warning ahead, pedestrian monitoring, lane keeping assistance, lane departure warning and automatic high beams.Wireless charging for mobile phones has also been added.There is no change in power. The US version still offers 2.0t and 3.6L V6 self-priming engines, with maximum power of 170kW and 230kW respectively. The transmission system is matched with a 9-gear automatic transmission, and the four-wheel drive system will not be absent.Similarly, the domestic model is expected to continue to be powered by the eighth-generation Ecotec 2.0T engine with a 48V light blend system, a maximum power of 174kW (237 HP) and a peak torque of 350 N · m, also matched with a 9AT transmission.Suspension structure for the front McPherson, back multi-link type independent suspension, but also provide sport, off-road mode.Taken together, the overall appearance of the new the blazers or online, and through the details after the adjustment, more athletic qualities I believe I can win more the favour of young users, and will also further enhance the competitiveness of the intelligent configuration, in addition in the aspect of power than competing goods do not fall in the wind, at the same level and have certain advantages.At present, the official guide price of Domestic Chevrolet Pioneer is 2299-333,900 yuan. It has to be said that its terminal sales level often enjoys a large discount, so the upgraded new model is quite worth looking forward to.So, what do you think of chevy’s new Trailblazer? Leave a comment.