Congratulations!The Chinese women’s curling team beat the British team to win their third match!

2022-05-22 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 16 (by Zhang Yueshan, Liang Jinxiong, Ma Sijia)China beat multi-time world champions Great Britain 8-4 in the women’s curling round-robin at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Saturday morning, winning their third match and now ranking eighth out of 10 teams with 3-5 wins.It was China’s first victory over Britain in 12 years at the Winter Olympics.The Chinese team lineup was the same as on The 15th: Jiang Xindi at first base, Zhang Lijun, vice-captain at second base, Dong Ziqi at third base, Wang Rui, captain at fourth base, han Yu as a substitute.Before the match, Britain ranked third with four wins and three losses, while China tied for eighth with two wins and five losses.In the game, except the second game China “flow bureau”, the first six games are the backhand team scored a point, China 3-2 down.In the seventh game, China took advantage of the opponent’s last shot to score two points and take a 4-3 lead.In the eighth game, Wang Rui’s last throw was a throwback and a knock to form a pressure. The British team’s last pot produced results but failed to stay in the camp, scoring only one point.In the ninth game, China again took advantage of the opponent’s mistakes and scored three points to take a 7-4 lead.China stole a point in the last frame and won 8-4.The Chinese team showed good spirit and confidence in the competition.”We didn’t have any pressure, we didn’t think about our opponents, we focused more on ourselves,” Wang said after the matchToday it was easier tactically and the players were more successful.”Wang Rui is the only Chinese athlete who has competed in previous Winter Olympics.Commenting on this winter Olympics trip, she said that China had “some competition” with other strong teams, but as a young team, they were not as good as their rivals in details and experience.When asked about his future plans, Wang said, “Every time I participate in the Winter Olympics, IT’s a process of gaining experience, so that I can do better next time and continue to do it in the future.”(Source: Xinhua)