Li Yugang’s counterattack life: jumped across the river, begged for food, success behind all bitterness

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Wen dyed rain smoke edit | | ink ink dyed rain smoke “good amazing life, people can be so wonderfully alive…””A landscape you can only admire after browsing, keep in mind, become aftertaste chewing again and again, Li Yugang…”This is from Jay Chou’s “personal lyricist” Fang Wenshan, posted on his micro blog on August 30, 2011.After reading the word “a word of gold” as a person 109 words of anger praise, we just know that a man to another man’s evaluation, the original can be so disgusting.At the same time, one can’t help but wonder, one speaks with a Northeastern accent, one speaks with a Taiwanese accent.How do we become friends, separated by the vast sea and the vast sea?Li Yugang (left) Fang Wenshan (right) 01 If Jay Chou and Fang Wenshan are complementary, then Li Yugang is fang Wenshan’s kindred.Li yugang was born into a poor family in Changchun, Jilin Province, in 1978.Although parents dou word do not know a rise, but also know that poverty leads to change.Reading is the best way out for brother and sister.His parents saved a sum of money by working early and late and sent him to the city to study.From the moment he stepped into the campus, Li Yugang suggested to himself that reading can change his fate.Since then, although I did not come out on top in every exam, I was still excellent.Gradually, while studying hard, he discovered a new interest.That is a “Jet Li” heyday of the era, childhood Li Yugang also has a martial arts dream, and uncle home that boxy black and white TV, almost bearing all memories of Li Yugang’s childhood.The action scenes in Shaolin Temple flicker on the screen, giving young Li Yugang plenty of room for imagination.At first, he imagined that he would go to the Shaolin Temple to practice martial arts, but when he stood at the entrance of the village, all he could see were endless plains and endless crops.So he took a group of children to practice martial arts on the ridge after school.When li Yugang was a child, it was hard for him to imagine that this young man from northeast China, who liked to wield knives and guns since childhood, would shock four people with his unique and graceful voice in a dress in the future.Gradually, in addition to his favorite “martial arts”, he also revealed his talent for singing.Probably inherited from her mother’s good voice, other children in the village sing, often a mouth of the crowd shunned.But when Li yugang opens his mouth, he can win a house full of applause.Gradually, Li Yugang went to middle school. Although he was impulsive from time to time, the dream of martial arts, which belonged only to his boyhood, was gradually erased from his “dictionary”.But at this time, Li Wanted to sing the desire, but more and more strong.After graduating from high school in 1996, 18-year-old Li Yugang received an admission notice from Jilin Academy of Arts majoring in choreography.But because the family is poor, really can not take the spare money for him to go to school.Learned that this news Li Yugang’s heart and not too big waves, because he had thought of such a day.Although he is a man of the northeast, his mind is delicate and delicate, and he sees all the sadness that his parents did not say.Silence for a long time, he chose to leave a note to his family, with 200 yuan, without hesitation to set foot on the train to Changchun.In that year, Li Yu was just 18 years old, just like guo Jing, the warrior who stepped into the Central Plains from the desert.But after guo Jing all the way “open hang” rise to prominence different results.Most of the time, even Li Yugang himself do not know that he is the first to make a living?Or do you keep chasing your dreams?Just stepped into the big city, he did almost everything, housekeeping, waiters, handyman…Although these jobs had nothing to do with his artistic career, learning to sing on TV enabled him to sing a song anytime, anywhere.When Li yugang talks about these things, he enumerates his treasures, as if these experiences are not hardships, but his wealth.Indeed, that’s not a big deal for 19-year-old Li Yugang.At his lowest point, he even considered suicide.One day, Li Yugang found a job as an errand boy in a dance hall.In his spare time, his greatest pleasure is to lean in the corner, listening to the singers on the stage, watching the audience waving their arms and interacting, and he has a kind of surprise that he is standing in the middle of the stage.Gradually, he came up with a bold idea: at that time, he loved the Little Tigers and wanted to form a similar band.No money, it is a dream as a horse, no one, back to the village to find a few small hair.But they couldn’t move without a performance permit.As a result, without documents, several people could only “fight guerrilla” in Tieling and Yingkou around Changchun.When there was work, several people went to perform, and when there was no work, they honed their singing skills in the rental room.Band living beyond their means, a few hair small eyes in the village li Yugang had promised to develop, can not be realized, disheartened to leave.The wild band broke up, the only remaining hundred dollars are distributed to friends.And Li Yugang a person living in the streets of Yingkou, such as duckweed in the rain.He could not get rid of the chagrin in his heart, despair and helplessness welled up in his heart, despondency, he thought of leaving.But the river was shallow and there were a lot of people playing around.Eventually, a group of beggars rescued him and took him with them.Don’t ask people for money, or pick up leftovers.Li Yugang’s life probably lasted more than a month.Finally, with the help of caring people, Li bought a train ticket and set foot on his way home.Later, Li Yugang found a job that he liked —- working as a salesman in a video store during the day and performing in a dance hall at night.Without the guidance of a professional teacher, he would go over and over the music on the tapes in the music store.Karaoke is his practice place, tape is his best teacher, tonight more people support, that is their progress.Such a life has made him feel more satisfied, but even Li Yugang himself can not imagine that the first turning point of life, unexpectedly come so fast.In one performance, the organizers arranged for a female singer to share the stage with him in “For Whom”.But on the day of the performance, the female singer did not come because of something temporary.In order to smooth performance, Li Yugang brainwave, with the usual practice of falsetto, smooth rescue.Who, not only violation, but also won the full hall of applause.Looking at the real joy of the audience’s expression, Li Yugang beaming, suddenly Epiphany.”Since people are so popular and they also like this style of singing, why not try it more?”He gradually developed a new style, and more and more began to cross-dress and perform.However, in those closed times, the move was undoubtedly “shocking”.Since the beginning of the cross-string performance, Li Yugang every year to go home, the content of their work is not mentioned, asked tight, is also a lie understated lie prevaricate past.And the duration of this lie was ten years.He was called a “ladyboy”, shouted off stage, had things thrown at him and even physically attacked.Today, scars on Li yugang’s left shoulder and leg are still visible.Fortunately, he survived the most desperate days.Later, Li Yugang took the “cheap sale of dignity” to earn money to shenzhen, the choice of “acting and outstanding business”.But he didn’t know anything about business, and eventually he lost his shirt.But fortunately, in this more open and inclusive city, he found his artistic path and decided to start over.And he himself never lacked the courage to start over.In 2005, Phoenix Legend was inspired by his experience of appearing on the Walk of Fame.The following year, Li Yugang also came to Beijing and signed up.As it turns out, on that day, the sun, moon and stars all came to make a congratulatory gift.On the stage of “Avenue of Stars”, he won over all the audience with his ethereal swan song, which combines strength and softness.In October of the same year, li yugang was invited to perform a stunning performance of Farewell My Concubine at the Golden Rooster Awards.At this time, there is also a person under the stage to his attention, Hu Li.In 2001, Hu Wrote a very special song, which combines classical, pop and drama.However, for five years, I could not find the right person to sing until Li Yugang appeared.So they made a match made in heaven, the drunken New Concubine.”Love hate in a moment, raise a glass to the moon feeling like day….”I believe that many people can’t help humming the lyrics.And this song “drunken New Concubine”, also let fang Wenshan on the other side of the Strait, remember “Li Yugang the name”.At that time, Li Yugang was still the “little Li” in teacher Fang’s eyes, but with a pair of beautiful singing voice of male and female changes, gentle and elegant appearance, let fang Wenshan who was more than “confused” instantly “confused”. After teacher Fang’s praise, “Little Li” suddenly felt a boya zi period of appreciation from the other side of the Strait.Grateful, let three “vulgar” idioms through permutations and combinations, renewed vitality.Then came the Chinese-style song “Chasing a Dream,” with lyrics by Fang Wenshan.I don’t know if Fang wenshan was drinking alone and thinking of you when he wrote this song in Taipei.But that’s not the only bond they share.Their dreamy interplay on other occasions is more like a kind of boyhood empathy.In a break in the masked singer, yugang li a song “amusement” later, the hearing group and friend of wenshan evaluation: the wing for the wenshan, yugang li also has its own rewards: there are times when see the extensive porcelain in jingdezhen, he suddenly felt that the most understand China turned out to be a friend of mine across the strait, wenshan.Now 44 years old, Li has spent 16 years transforming himself from street beggar to national icon.Over the years he has devoted almost all his heart and energy to the stage.Unknown to many viewers, he once had a six-year love affair with “Saxophone princess” Fan Xiaoning.They fell in love in 2004 and are slightly older than Li.Born into a musical family in Beijing, Fan xiaoling began to learn violin playing from her second uncle Fan Shengkuan at the age of five, gradually becoming China’s first female saxophonist.Although family circumstance is good, but cummer fan Xiaoning’s experience and Li Yugang are mostly same, it is ever for musical dream and the person that each place drifts.Accordingly, fan Xiaoning’s rich family circumstances also did not bring estrangement to the feelings of two people.Finally, we were able to catch a glimpse of the “princess” at the 2006 Starlight Competition finals.Under the spotlight, he and Li yugang ended their song “Velvet Flower,” which is both a happy ending and a public declaration of their relationship.In the end, Li Yugang was the third runner-up that year.After that, people often called him: “Come and sing us a song, we can negotiate the price.”And girlfriend Fan Xiaoning, most of the time is also in the side as a broker role.The two were inseparable.Unfortunately, such a well-matched pair of people, the end is still hard to escape seven years itch.Six years later, the couple split amicably as they were both busy with their careers and spent more time together, causing misunderstandings.After the breakup, many viewers thought that Li had abandoned his wife after he became more famous. It was only in a letter written in fan xiaoning’s name that they finally realized the truth.Part – up is Fan Xiaoning put forward, peace is the best choice to leave, and part – up during two people send blessings to each other.At the end of the article, I would like to end with a sentence in the Kite Runner: time is greedy, sometimes, he will swallow up all the details.Life is full of unknowns. I wish you, like Mr. Jade, to step forward bravely. When the sound of happiness comes, you will see whether the so-called messy stones lying in front of you are stumbling blocks or stepping stones.