New Year’s Eve car crashes into river!Eleven villagers went into the water to save the victims

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Source | comprehensive city express urban site without authorization shall not be reproduced this two days, a village in zhejiang ningbo fenghua jinxi video touches on the hearts of many people, in the video, a black car bottom sink in the river, 11 villagers together took up the car side, trying to rescue people trapped in the car.Subsequently, the reporter contacted the girl who shoots video xiao Wang.Wang said the incident happened at around 1 PM on New Year’s Eve when she was going out to play with friends. As soon as she reached the river, she found many villagers gathered nearby and some were Shouting “Come and help”. “AT that time, a black car was already half submerged in the water, its bottom was up and its Windows were closed,” wang said.”It must have been in the water for some time. Some villagers had already found ropes to tie to the car, and seven or eight people jumped into the water and tried to turn the car over.”Xiao Wang said, unfortunately, the water resistance, even if we work together, can only lift the car half, unable to completely turn over.Through the window, two women and a man could be seen trapped in the car, and the water level in the car was rising.As more and more villagers came to help, Xiao Wang’s father took off his shoes and coat and jumped into the water. Xiao Wang’s younger brother quickly dialed 110 and 120.Someone found a stone and tried to break the window, but failed several times.The villagers on shore saw this and found another hammer.One, two…The car was almost full of water when the rear window was finally broken.Along with other villagers, Xiao Wang’s father peeled open the Windows of the car with his bare hands and pulled everyone out one by one.Xiao Wang said the driver, a woman in her 20s, was emotional after being rescued and kept asking: “Where are they?”A man and a woman were later rescued, the man still conscious after swallowing a lot of water.The last girl to be rescued appeared to be in her 20s, her face purple, her eyes closed and unconscious.The rescue lasted about 20 minutes as villagers brought quilts to keep them warm. Fire and emergency workers rushed to the scene and took the unconscious girl to hospital.A total of 11 villagers went into the water to rescue them. After all the people in the car were rescued, they went ashore one by one.The water in winter was freezing cold, and xiao Wang’s father shivered as soon as he went ashore.Back home to clean up, Xiao Wang found that his father’s hand because of the window, was scratched full of wounds.Afterwards, Xiao Wang learned from the village that the three people who fell into the water that day were back to the village for the New Year.”I heard that a man and a woman who came out later were lovers and were about to get married. The girl graduated from college last year and was already pregnant. The driver was her little sister.”Unfortunately, the pregnant girl could not be rescued…As for the cause of the water, Xiao Wang told reporters, the incident is near a vacant lot, usually used as a parking lot.Villagers who witnessed the scene said the car was very fast, hit the railings and then turned around, before falling upside down into the water.Some villagers speculated that the woman had intended to park in an open area, mistook the accelerator for the brake, smashed through the railing and fell into the river.