Reporter spot visit heze many supermarkets!Lao Tan sauerkraut series products have been removed from the shelves

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Urgent apology!Product removed!Share prices fell…Recently, CCTV’s “March 15” gala exposed the messy production and processing of “earth pit sauerkraut”, focusing the public’s attention on food safety and putting companies such as Master Kong and Uni-President in the spotlight.March 17, the reporter visited heze city many shopping malls and supermarkets found that Master Kong, unified Lao tan sauerkraut instant noodle series products have been removed in the first time, the major e-commerce platform has been unable to search “Lao tan sauerkraut” related products.On the morning of March 17, peony Evening News all-media reporters went to many large shopping malls and supermarkets in the city, and found that “Master Kong” and “Uni-president” Lao tan pickled cabbage instant noodles had disappeared from the shelves.”When we learned of the situation, we immediately contacted our supplier and immediately pulled the product from the shelves.Not only laotan sauerkraut instant noodles, but also sauerkraut fish and sauerkraut sauce have all been removed from the shelves.”Maoye department store a staff told reporters.”After receiving the notice, we immediately removed the laotan sauerkraut series products from Master Kong and Uni-President. The products in question must not be sold to the outside world.Some customers came to our supermarket to ask if they could return the pickled cabbage instant noodles they had purchased.”Zhonghua road Ginza supermarket, a salesman said.”I heard that food is the most important thing for people, and the food safety of our people cannot be ignored. In the future, I will definitely not buy sauerkraut instant noodles, I am worried.”Wang, a shopping citizen, said.In electric business platform has been less than “old pickled vegetable” merchandise news search read more late March 15, CCTV “3 · 15” the evening party reported flag in hunan food industry co., LTD. Salted pickled vegetable food safety problems, which refer to flag in hunan food industry co., LTD. Old pickled vegetable bag, made of raw material is derived from the acquisition of “holes” sauerkraut, the production process and health care.According to its website, Its partners include master Kong, Uni-President, McDonald’s and many other well-known enterprises.That night, “Master Kong” apologized: betrayed the trust of consumers, will carry out active rectification.Hunan Huaqi Vegetable Co., LTD., which supplied pickled cabbage to four factories in Jiangmen, Wuhan, Xi ‘an and Xinjiang, has terminated its qualification as a supplier, canceled all cooperation, and started to withdraw related products from the shelves.All e-commerce platforms were removed, and “tukeng pickled cabbage” was seized overnight.Affected by this, Uni-President (China) Investment Co., Ltd. issued a statement on its official website on the evening of 15th in response, saying:Since December 2012, Hunan Jiaqi Vegetable Industry Co., Ltd. has ceased to be the raw material supplier of the company’s pickled cabbage package. Meanwhile, Uni-President has interviewed the person in charge of Hunan Jinrui Company in the first time, sealed all the products of the pickled cabbage package, and conducted quality testing with the participation of the Market Supervision Bureau.Latest follow-up CCTV “3 · 15” the party exposure of hunan yueyang huarong, junshan island area flag food industry, food jars qiao five companies such as sauerkraut production related quality problem, both attaches great importance to the party committees and governments, law enforcement, investigations on fast, and the problem such as lax supervision, poor started to chase asked, head of the food safety supervision.On the evening of March 16, the Standing Committee of Huarong County Committee decided to suspend he Fang, the director of the Market Supervision Administration of Huarong County, and remove Xu Yujun, the party committee member and deputy director of the Market supervision Administration of Huarong County, who was in charge of food safety.The Standing Committee of Junshan District Committee decided to suspend Wan Yue, party secretary and director of Junshan District Market Supervision Administration, and remove Dai Zhonghua, party member and deputy director of Junshan District Market Supervision Administration, who is in charge of food safety work.Source: Peony Evening News