“Shenyang help help” car was hit, three wheel owners do not lose money how to do?

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On the evening of February 14th, in the “Liaoshen Help 3 groups”, the reader “life” put forward the problem encountered — the car was hit by an electric tricycle, the traffic police judged the tricycle to be fully responsible, but the tricycle owner did not take money to repair the car.Hua Tsai, a reader who knows more about insurance business, and Liu Qiang, a lawyer from Beijing Yingke (Shenyang) Law Firm, gave professional advice on this issue respectively.Readers “life” : trouble to ask, my car was hit by an electric tricycle, the traffic police identified the other party’s full responsibility, the other party is not to take money to repair the car, how should do?Lawyer Liu Qiang: You can Sue the other side.Take the responsibility of the traffic police confirmation, repair car evidence is invoice, etc.Reader Life: Is that the only way to Sue him?I haven’t been to court before, so I wonder how long this process will take.Lawyer Liu Qiang: after the prosecution to see the court schedule, need to wait patiently.Reader Life: He let me go to my insurance to fix my car, and then he offered me $500. I didn’t agree.The price for car repair in 4S shop is about 3000 yuan, and we need to make an accurate price in the shop.Reader “hua zai” : in addition to suing the other party, if your car insured motor vehicle loss insurance can also go to their own insurance, ask for subrogation – by your insurance company to pay for the loss of your car.Reader life: How do you do that?Reader “hua zai” : the insurance company will sign a transfer of rights and interests with you before compensation, and then the insurance company will ask for compensation through judicial channels with the other side.”On August 22, 2021, I bought furniture, customized cabinets and tatami MATS in yitong Home store in Xinhao Building, North 1st Road, Tiexi District, Shenyang, totaling more than 50,000 yuan. Now the home store has been closed, and I don’t know how to recover the money.”On February 16, 2022, Mr. Liu, a reader, reported to “Liaoshen Bangbang” that after paying for his customized furniture, the shop closed and he encountered the problem of collecting money.Mr. Liu introduced to reporters that on August 22, 2021, he spent a total of 55,025 yuan to buy furniture such as sofas, beds and tables, as well as custom-made cabinets for the whole house in tiexi District of Shenyang.In the same year, Mr. Liu got the bridal chamber key on December 30, and then the designer who makes an appointment with inn square comes to measure a ruler, give a design drawing.”The designer said he could not install it before the New Year, and the furniture factory would have a holiday and contact again after the New Year. But I heard that the shop seemed to be closed and the staff lost contact around the New Year.I came to see, sure enough, again contact designers and sales, the result of the other side has also resigned, I now do not know how to get my money back?”Mr. Liu showed a few furniture sales contract and soft decoration custom product contract, the contract seller column written “yitong home”, and covered with “Shenyang Bozhi Yitong Decoration materials Co., LTD.” words of sales special seal.The reporter calls the agent telephone reserved in the contract, the other party said he had left, do not know the current business situation of the store, and the other party also defaulted on their own some money, the specific amount inconvenient to disclose, their own losses.Reporters then dial the store’s phone, phone voice prompt has overdue shutdown.Mr. Liu said that he had similar experience with nearly 100 consumers, consumers have reported to the police, hope that the store responsible person to see the news can be dealt with in time, if the other party does not actively respond, he and other consumers will also consider legal ways to protect their rights.Source: Liaoshen Evening News (LSWBWX) reporter Ji Xiangqian, Cui Jintao editor: Sun Wei