Sniper is a throwback directed by Zhang Yimou

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The original meaning of “park” is uncut wood!Zhang Yimou directed the film, the label is big scene, strong color!A story happened in the background of resistance to the United States and aid Korea, more thousands of troops and horses, tragic fighting is necessary, but “sniper” unexpectedly did not show the crowd of black pressure pressure, did not show the war of thousands of troops and horses, the lens focused on the squad as a unit in class.Above the color, it seems to tear off the label of Zhang Director, become unlike him, neither the red of “Red Sorghum”, nor the yellow of “Hero”, nor the ink of “shadow”.Only in the full screen of snow, shuttle a few volunteers in white capes!No carving is the original thing, no modification is to present a real.Contrary, the move of the tao!That’s the way things go, in cycles, over and over.Martial arts novels in the master, to a certain level of training temple will protrude, spirit exposed.But continue to practice, when you reach a higher level, you will be completely naked and restrained, just like ordinary people in appearance.Zhang yimou’s directorial skills may be a step deeper. Sniper brings us back to the story, focusing on the event itself rather than the shock of form.The story is very simple, like the game we play.The scene is heavy snow, the enemy and I positions set up, lying in the middle of the open ground mission target, volunteer scout Liangliang, volunteers to try to take liangliang, but Liangliang was placed there, is obviously the enemy’s bait, in the opposite position hiding a team of experienced American sniper.One wants to take the wounded scout, the other wants to wipe out the rescue team.And so the story happened.Although the plot is simple, but attack and defense design, plot arrangement is particularly important.Watching “Sniper” the biggest feeling is that time flies so fast, the heart is still with the story ups and downs, unconsciously to the end.To say more would be to give away the plot.Under such plot, oneself first think several conflict development context, then see zhang Yimou director is how to arrange the story development, appreciate the master’s charm!