Three kingdoms strategy version of Taishi ci kitchen knife black technology, whiteboard hammer full red lineup

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Preface: this article first public number, unauthorized prohibit “plagiarism article” to other platforms.Author: the strategy version of The Three Kingdoms with the prince hello, I am the three wars with the prince, every day to help with the opening of the land, and you said that the military commander to choose, I hope to help you!The strategy version of The Three Kingdoms taishi Ci in most of the time or mainly as auxiliary tools people in use, that is, with a dash against the aggression to protect the main will, and help the lineup to a certain amount of damage supplement!Of course, in fact, tai Shi Ci play more than once, in the case of a certain degree of red, in fact, as long as the method of war collocation is reasonable, teammates are also enough to give force, when the core output is also completely usable!Blue square – tai Shi ride Tai Shi Ci: a ride when thousand + violent no mercy off screen: front vector array + Tiger leopard ride Guo Jia: dash against aggression + when the front destroy decision lineup comments: 3 red Code hidden Tai Shi Ci carry double assault warfare, in the case of having the front vector array plus, as long as do not eat a half-pan array, in fact, the output is still more to force!The highlight of this lineup is that the stability is very high, basically close screen in the front 2 rounds of play with their own method, can stabilize the shock opponent, the details are the speed of Guan Mei must be faster than Tai Shi Ci, Guo Jia is also a truth, first hand when the front break break injury reduction is the key to improve the team output.Red – The top of the Collection with Tai Wei shield Sima Yi – Shi Don three + use of force to pass the god Cao Cao – line a + charm full of favor – bone scraping poison + flame driven by flying wind squadRare line a qiu dong, is basically the front vector array to the gun play wu coexist, overall the team is already in line with a lower configuration, also take the flame by flying the wind the face of war, in fact, the stability is not high, would be a good look at faces, relative and be cavalry and when front jiggled restraint, not even with red roof.PVP final actual combat result: Tai Shi Ci succeeded in killing Cao Cao and Sima Yi with a battle loss of almost 1W, and won the match.Summary: it can be seen that Taishi ci this team in the passive command team, especially in the case of shield configuration can do whiteboard win full red, as a whole hit late ability is very strong, hit high burst of the lineup close screen and Guo Jia may not hold the outbreak of the early overturned situation!If you feel the kitchen knife team more, you can bring a sheng Qi Ling enemy to improve the odds against, interested players can set a set of try!