“Yi Tian Integrated Cooking Center” released!

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Current China, the domestic kitchen area of great part is basically in 4 square meters -8 square meters left and right sides.Door is slant small, the kitchen space that closes relatively narrow, doomed great majority family can only find a place for next smoke stove, cistern to wait for trivially thing in the kitchen, get more other and emerging hutch electric product hard again “the skill is added hold”.With the continuous improvement of living standards, high-quality lifestyle is often reflected in the continuous coverage of kitchen functions such as “more thorough cleaning of food materials”, “more independent steaming and baking function” and “more convenient washing procedures”.And below this demand, the inadequacy of kitchen area, with what kitchen position rises day by day between “conflict”, had evolved to become one of the more intense contradictions in contemporary household concept.The real needs of the target users, Yitian intelligent forward!In March 2022, to “Chinese kitchen Yitian made” as the enterprise vision of Yitian intelligent release “Yitian integrated cooking center” new system!Bring together the infinite desire of hundreds of millions of Chinese residents for kitchen functions, space and aesthetics, integrate “intelligent cooking + fresh vegetable tableware washing” and other full functions in the kitchen within one square meter.In the kitchen size, truly create can achieve at the same time “small & beautiful” modern kitchen!Smart cook wash | “1 + 1 =” infinite magic arithmetic One thousand readers heart, filled with one thousand Hamlet;The kitchen land of one smooth rice, also want to install below 1000 kinds of to kitchen fantasy.Yitian “Integrated cooking center”, focusing on “intelligent cooking” and “fresh vegetable tableware washing” and other integrated full functions in one.The combination of 1 “independent integrated stove for steaming and baking” and 1 “integrated sink dishwasher” not only integrates the kitchen electric advantages of the original single product, but also covers a complete channel of a series of links from “food access → cooking output → post-meal processing” with intelligent and modular combination.In addition to the traditional definition for the primary use of integrated kitchen and integration flume dishwasher, hundred million field “integrated cook wash center” also professional configuration smoke oven linkage, smart touch, intelligent control, tai chi wenwu fire risk, human-computer interaction, cooking couplet net, ultrasonic washing, PTC heating and drying, fresh air ventilation, flue cleaning, kitchen waste treatment and so on dozens of new technology integration,Truly create both aesthetics, function, space, cooking, scene these five integration breakthrough, “1+1= infinite” kitchen made, once again complete the border of China’s kitchen and ecological expansion.Magic kitchen space | “1 square meters” Exactly how much space, to build out to billions satisfied people’s ideal kitchen?Yitian “integrated cooking and washing center” gives the answer: “1 square meter”, you can.Yitian “Integrated cooking and washing Center”, on the space of “one square meter”, deeply integrated steaming and baking independent integrated stove + integrated sink dishwasher multiple functions in the same position, the original separated cooking and washing scene into one.48 steaming box + 28 l l oven double cavity of the tank model, 5.0 KW super power, not only liberate “cigarette machine, kitchen is provided, steaming box, oven, microwave oven,” traditional kitchen space, such as more through “steaming roast synchronization, delicious acceleration”, effectively shorten the time needed for daily cooking, 15 minutes fast can finish made reservations, easily deal with all kinds of cooking occasion!In addition, “more understand Chinese kitchen” hundred million land integrated science and technology, still fully satisfy the functional needs of the kitchen while, for each Chinese kitchen user reasonable planning kitchen space.Yitian integrated sink dishwasher, built-in large capacity double layer pull basket, large memory space, can place more than 10 sets of utensils needed for dinner, for you to save a set of cupboards, but also increase the family storage space.”1 square meter” inside the space, more show freedom.Understand the kitchen more understand you | “1 square meters” love conversation 1 square meters behind the kitchen, the refraction, is billions for kitchen dreams of the future and look forward to people, and for a better life yearning and pursuit.Focus on kitchen details the development and evolution of every square meters, a new field of science and technology, in order to “the Chinese kitchen million Tian Zao” for the mission, following the S8 steaming roast independent integration stove, the integrated intelligent cooking housekeeper integration, such as new product, after again landmark launch of “hundred million field integrated cook wash center”, to hundred million Chinese officer xuan “build healthy and open, intelligent integrated kitchen” confession of love letters.To wash integrated, pay tribute to the love of every square meter.Yitian integrated cooking and washing center, control the cutting-edge technology of The Times, focus on the humanized experience of the kitchen, break the traditional shackles between the kitchen space and performance, so that each use can accurately fit the needs.Kitchen 1 square meter, integrated full wash.Yitian integrated cooking and washing center, know the kitchen, know you more.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com