Born again!Sonorous rose after 16 years to ascend the top of Asia again, Huang Jianxiang tears shed commentary scene!

2022-05-23 0 By

China’s women’s football team has performed the “Istanbul miracle” in this Asian Cup with another stunning comeback.After falling behind the Japanese team twice in the semifinals, they equalized twice and “killed” their opponents. The Roses staged another super comeback in the final. They trailed by 2 goals at the half time, chased three goals in the second half, and succeeded in winning the final before the end, and stood on the top of Asia again in 16 years!Review the road of Chinese women’s soccer team this year’s Asian cup title is absolutely gold content, but since entering the eliminated after the game, no matter in the face of Vietnam, Japan or the final opponent Korea are first to throw the ball in the reverse, adversity well more of a team strong toughness and tenacity, frequently desperate straits, has repeatedly rescue, the Chinese women’s team was simply in nirvana reborn.Especially against South Korea last night, two goals down at half-time in this kind of big game, it is very difficult to come back.Fortunately, under the desperate situation, the girls of the women’s football team did not retreat, coach Shui Qingxia two effective personnel adjustment, the women’s football team began to form a siege of the South Korean team goal.The chance to win the penalty seemed to be due to a handball error by the Korean side defender, but in fact, the other side’s defense was under great psychological pressure from the women’s football team, which forced them to block our cross with their hands.When Tang Jiajia, who plays for Spurs of English Premier League, scored a goal for the Women’s soccer team with a penalty kick from a tricky Angle, the team’s morale was greatly boosted and the team started a new round of attacks on the Defense line of South Korea. Tang Jiajia, who soon scored the penalty kick, succeeded in breaking through the side and passing the ball over the baseline.Substitute Wang Shuang appeared zhang Linyan in the middle of the top of a potential to sink the bomb earth again through the Door of the Korean team.It took only 6 minutes for the women’s team to go from 2 goals down to tying the score!After being equalised, South Korea had to retreat to try to take the game into extra time.A standoff ensued for nearly 20 minutes.When the game went into injury time.The Korean team took a 45-degree kick to the penalty area. Our girls made a mistake in clearing the ball, and the Korean team got a shot close to the goal. Fortunately, the goalkeeper Zhu Yu magically saved the shot, and wang Xiaoxue successfully blocked the shot.The women’s soccer team escaped a bullet and immediately delivered a fatal blow to their opponents. Through constant penetration in the middle, Tang Jiaali directly thrust wang Shanshan, who turned to plug behind her, xiao Yuyi inserted a powerful shot into the far corner of the net on 20th, successfully completing the super reversal.After the match, the news of the women’s football team winning the championship flooded the wechat circle of friends, the hot search list on Weibo dominated the screen, and the well-known commentators huang Jianxiang, Liu Jianhong and Xu Yang all cried.Men’s tears do not lightly, but The Chinese women’s football girls with a counter-attack again and again to defend the dignity of Chinese football, their indomitable fighting spirit for the country moved everyone.From now on, please don’t call the men’s football team by the name of national football team. They don’t deserve it. The women’s football team is the real National football team.