Chase the wife crematorium

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Today, I said three sentences, and this guy paid me $180,000.The handsome boy.He’s a good driver.I knocked it all the way out.I lay in the hospital bed, with my notebook in my arms.Really unlucky, just a return home was hit by a car, the driver or gu Yansheng that dog things.”So busy?”A deep, rich voice came and I looked up right into his eyes.Not seen for three years, the dog with good looks and temperament is even more delicious, and knows to hook people with eyes.”Well, the company has assigned me to take care of domestic affairs, and I may not be able to return for some time. I’m sorry to disappoint you.””Sharp teeth and sharp mouth.”Gu Yansheng smiled and put the thermal insulation bucket on my bedside table.I closed the computer, inexplicable fidgety.How can the words “sharp mouth” be put on me?Think at the beginning he gu Yan just a mouth let me face all lost heartbroken, defaced fled abroad, these four words are tailored for him.”Ye Yao, time flies. We haven’t seen each other for three years.”He pulled out his chair and sat down on the edge of the bed, obviously looking to catch up.I am too lazy to answer, there is no old love between us, only hatred, look at him to the brain thrombosis of hatred.”Yes, Mr. Gu, time is really wasted. I have many things to deal with as soon as I come back to China. I’m afraid I can’t finish the task assigned by my boss on time while lying in the hospital.Implication, catch up with respect to need not, quick li li of hurriedly give compensation.Gu Yansheng grinned, smiling that called a sunny.”My secretary will talk to you about compensation later.””Don’t bother, I have it all listed, a total of 180,000, with details.”Three years in a foreign country, I haven’t learned how to protect my legal rights.Gu Yansheng’s handsome face flashed a trace of surprise, just happened to be I saw.I make a fuss over him. He hasn’t seen the world.”Where do you want to live when you get out of hospital?”He looked at me, his lips tight and tense.I in the heart hissing, dog man zigzagging finally said the key, is not afraid of me to go home to disturb the happiness of some people’s life, I do not have what serious illness, a good day but run back to be ridiculed.”This general gu need not worry, the company has already found an apartment for me in advance.”Although I am very angry in the heart, but face also have to stretch.Gu Yansheng HMMM, obviously there is something else to say, but did not open his mouth.He poured out a bowl of chicken soup and held it out to me.I took the bowl and drank it in one gulp.I have to say doggie was very careful, skimming all the oil off the chicken soup.”Would you like another bowl? Your father cooked it for three hours…”Before he could finish his sentence, I threw a bowl at him, and then I was over the bed, clutching the railing and vomiting.Blame my stomach too good, spit for a long time what also did not spit out.He handed me the paper towel and I took a lot of breaths to wipe my mouth.Every time he called you, he didn’t answer any of your messages. He almost went abroad to visit you. Today, when he knew you had a car accident, he was very worried, but he didn’t dare to come over.I looked him in the eye and said, “Disgusting, even worse than when you called me a bitch.”I wiped my mouth hard, threw the paper towel at his feet, pulled up the quilt and went inside.Gu Yansheng calm a face, thin lips pursed, bear what.Three years. I thought I’d forgotten, but I didn’t.Some things are healed on the surface, but beneath the scar fester and inflammation.Two or three years ago that summer, I rushed excitedly to declare my love to a man I had long admired.At that time, I was paranoid that only he could take me out of trouble, he must like me, otherwise why would he blush every time he saw me.It happened to be a family dinner, and he was drinking and staying over, so I went to his room.”Gu Yansheng, I like you.”‘Get out!How am I supposed to get out of here?I didn’t know where the courage came from, but as a young man in my early twenties, I threw myself at him and hugged him around the waist.I remember him being stunned for a second, then pulling my fingers apart one by one, and saying with disgust on his face that I was a bitch.Bitchy, those two words eat me up like a nightmare.After that, I went through the formalities of going abroad without stopping, and no one knew why.During the three years abroad, I was very lonely. I had no family, no lover and only work. I might not have dared to come back if the company had not assigned me this time.Because I’m just as alone here as I am outside.A few years ago my dad had an affair with a seductress, his sister Gu Yansheng.My mom had some kind of shock and turned her back on me, like a different person.My dad was worried, so he took me back.I hate that fox, always trying to bully her.She probably thought she was too weak for me, so she called in a helper.That person was Gu Yansheng, but it wasn’t the first time we met.He was my crush in college.He is two years senior to me. We are in the same club, and we have some contact with each other at ordinary times. He gives people a cold feeling, but when we get along with each other, he is not like this.When he came home, I was quiet for a while.Mainly I am preparing thesis defense, busy faint day dark ground did not make demon time.At that time, he was studying for a master’s degree. Apart from the regular family dinner every Saturday and Sunday, he would also come when he was free.Because the fox is pregnant.My dad’s been busting his ass every day.He always wanted a son. I know better than anyone.Every time I took an exam to get a certificate of merit, he would touch my head and say earnestly: my girl is stronger than my son!For a moment IT seemed to me that my territory was about to be taken from me.So I canceled my plan to study abroad for a master’s degree, and prepared to fight with that half-brother to the end.Gu Yansheng knew all these things, but he also helped me with my graduation thesis and taught me defense skills.I once thought he was god sent to rescue my fairy brother, I hate fox spirit destroyed my originally happy and complete home, but more and more dependent on him.I may be too lack of love, a little bit of his good let me fascinated sink.So that night, I told him I loved him.Then it went bad, and it turned into a nightmare.Memories too sad, unknowingly I fell asleep, woke up when a sweat, hospital gown stuck to the body, uncomfortable very.I think I was putting my gloves in my collar to get my underwear when the dog Gu Yansheng came again.”The doctor says you can leave the hospital. I’ve sent someone to go through the discharge formalities. You can’t take care of yourself in this condition.I was surprised to look at him, seriously doubt that the doctor is not professional, one hundred days, which have just a day to push the patient to the truth?”You’ve got a slight fracture. You’ll be fine. Besides, you don’t want a nice hot bath?”His eyes rested on my chest, where MY hands were pulling at the underwear strap.I hurriedly take out the handle, old face blush blush.”No, the company has found a 24-hour nanny for me. I will send someone to pick me up when I leave the hospital. Thank you, Mr. Gu, for your kindness.”I smiled professionally and nodded for him to leave.Gu Yansheng overcast a face, the face that call an ugly.Later, as I had hoped, I did not go to his house.I work mostly from home and videoconference whenever I have something to do, and work goes on.It’s just that Gu Yansheng is so annoying that he comes to me every two days.”General gu, I have received the compensation, which has included the cost of missing work and nutrition, you sent over these things I can not refund the money.”I leaned against the door and watched as he packed his belongings neatly into the fridge.He closed the fridge with a lot of force and gave me a dirty look as he walked over.Oh, is that repentance?I continued to provoke him.He walked right past me and plopped down on the sofa.”I’m sorry it’s not your mouth.””You…”I am angry in the heart of the quintessence.I had to try not to let him think I hadn’t improved in three years.”Where’s your 24-hour nanny?””He asked, looking around.”I didn’t like being watched all day, so I sent her home.”Which means you, as an outsider, should leave, too. I hope he understands.”What about your bath?””Use your hands.”He did ask a direct question, and I answered to the point.”Is the foot all right?””It doesn’t hurt as much.”I answered to regret, this dog man will not feel 180 thousand compensation to much to repent?So, pretending that my feet didn’t hurt, I skipped a couple of steps and bumped into a trash can.I got soup all over my pants. It’s disgusting. I need a shower.I also did not manage Gu Yan Sheng, thinking that this person has a little vision, can realize when to leave it.Wait for me to wash the fragrant bath, only wrapped in bath towel come out of time, that dog man actually sitting in my sofa to watch TV.His eyes met, embarrassed.Instinctively, I backed away and tried to run back to my bedroom because I had forgotten to clean my pajamas.This appearance appears in front of him, can be misunderstood is seduce?My feet tilted and I fell forward.The next, a pair of hands were wrapped around my waist.Ambiguous is a moment of things, we hug together to sleep that moment, the atmosphere is different.”You smell good, Yaoyao.”‘he said, holding me in his arms and pressing me to his ear.Too itchy, I cringed my neck, and then laughed, sneer.Three years ago, he called me a bitch.After three years, I don’t want to be a bitch.He is everywhere to chase son grab bitchy.Domestic popular so play?It’s getting harder and harder to see.Once again: this article is transferred from Zhihu, if there is infringement, contact after deletion.