Chip shortage, car companies are struggling to survive

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New car delivery is difficult, pick-up cycle is extended, in-demand cars may need to be ordered at a premium…Chip shortage has gradually risen from a unilateral problem faced by manufacturers to a dilemma faced by both the market and consumers.Today, consumers who want to stick to their original plans may have to struggle to get the car they want.In order to ensure stable production and supply, many car companies are trying their best to maximize product supply by adjusting the configuration of cars, “delivery by stages” and other measures.Although many insiders are optimistic about these “supply protection” measures, it is inevitable that consumers will be dissatisfied, especially when the communication between enterprises and consumers is not smooth, resulting in information asymmetry, consumers will turn into consumer complaints due to the wrong goods, and then become a “hot potato” harm to brand reputation.Therefore, how to ensure the order of production and marketing of major Oems at the same time, efficient communication with consumers, consumers understand?Has become the “chip shortage” under the greater test.Thanks to the direct sales model, new power car companies such as Wei Xiaoli responded quickly to new car delivery problems caused by chip shortage, communicated directly with users, stabilized the situation with the method of “pay first, supplement later + points/software compensation”, and quickly resolved user complaints.Now, new forces including “Wei Xiaoli” have also basically sorted out the new car production capacity and delivery problems.In the traditional car companies, due to the shortage of chips, spare parts supply and other reasons, the shielding white models order backlog is more, the Great Wall automobile integrated all factors to consider, stop receiving the shielding white models in new orders, factory will coordinate the internal resources in order to faster meet existing orders production scheduling plan, ensure that the interests of the speed of the car and the car has been ordering customers.The 2022 GLE350 has been partially adjusted in price and configuration, with the luxury model eliminating front-row phone charging and gesture control functions, but adding sports kits, 21-inch sports wheels, steering wheel electric adjustment and other mostly chipless features, which have also been accepted by consumers to a certain extent.To solve part of the lavida models CRS 3.0 radio parts supplies, Shanghai Volkswagen manufacturers chose the installation after original accessories, and promised to receive the same quality guarantee the attachment and the original car machine, in order to reassure consumers, and signed by the user informed book or note the way in the sales contract, inform the user explicitly.However, from the perspective of “foresight”, traditional car companies should be more experienced than new forces in market supply and demand changes, risk handling ability, etc. Why have not clear the chip shortage of new car delivery problems?A large part of the reason lies in the large and multi-tiered organizational structure, complex business processes and solidified mechanism and system of traditional car companies.Since the wholesale and retail mode of traditional car enterprises is different from the direct operation mode of new forces, dealers communicate with consumers to conduct direct transactions, which inevitably leads to problems such as difficult supervision of services and poor communication between manufacturers and consumers, resulting in difficulties in car delivery.Moreover, if dealers do not notify consumers in the process of car purchase, customers may even complain that the goods are not right.The delivery of EX3 Kung Fu Ox, a controversial automobile, reflects the communication problems between traditional automobile enterprises and consumers.The car was launched in the fourth quarter of last year, but the delivery speed was slow, and some owners still haven’t picked up the car since they placed the order, and dealers haven’t given accurate answers, making consumers anxious.And not only the cycle is difficult to guarantee, EX3 Kung Fu Cattle also at the beginning of the year for the price, that is, if the previous car owners did not order in May before the car, also need to pay according to the new price.As a new recruit to the development of traditional cars, geometric automobile such a treatment, apparently caused consumer dissatisfaction.Therefore, it is not difficult to see the importance of enterprises to strengthen communication with consumers, corporate responsibility and transparency to meet consumers’ expectations, to appease consumers’ emotions, consumers’ understanding.In this regard, some auto companies have made beneficial attempts, for example, North and South Dazhe tried agency system and direct store face with ID. Series, dongfeng Citroen tried user operation with The help of Versailles, etc., and are building communication channels with consumers.And for consumers, also need to face, understand the “chip shortage”.During this period of time, when buying a car, it is necessary to consult various car purchase policies and configuration changes in depth, and determine whether there is compensation for delayed delivery before buying a car, and whether a full refund can be made when delayed delivery, etc., to ensure their own rights and interests.The chip shortage cannot be solved overnight in a short period of time, but it is believed that the mutual communication and understanding between automobile enterprises and consumers can build a benign and orderly automobile consumption market.