Do teachers, contract teachers, non teachers pay poor a lot?

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In recent years, there has been a long-term shortage of teachers in various places, and teachers in various schools are generally tense.In this case, a large number of special post teachers, substitute teachers, contract teachers, staff teachers and non-staff teachers appear.But what is the difference between these titles, for teachers personally, in the treatment of what differences exist, many people may be confused.Today xiaobian will take you to understand the difference between these kinds of teachers.Non-enrolled teachers as a result of the schools generally over-enrolled, a few years ago some places publicly recruited a number of teachers, but because of the establishment of no surplus quota, failed to timely join these teachers, but local education departments promise to wait until the time to join, these teachers will deal with the procedures.These teachers are in the teaching age during teaching, after turning positive into a compilation, the meeting calculates the teaching age, assess title normally.The salary of these teachers is about the same as that of the teachers in the system, and even the real salary is more than that of the teachers in the system because of the small deduction of five insurances and one housing fund.And after a few years, this batch of non-enrolled teachers can be enrolled, no worries.As for these teachers, The State Council has issued relevant policies in 2018 to urge local education departments across the country to implement them and let these teachers solve the staffing problem as soon as possible.There is another kind of contract teacher called contract teacher.Although the name is different, one is called appointment system, the other is called contract system, but the essence is the same, there is no establishment.However, the five insurances and one housing fund are paid according to the enterprise insurance, rather than the public institution insurance. At present, this is mainly due to the large difference in the amount of pension after retirement.In addition, the stability of contract teachers is also good, and there is basically no risk of dismissal.Unless dismissed because of teaching level or teaching accident.Substitute teachers Some schools, due to maternity leave or other reasons, have a temporary shortage of teachers and can not be unified through teacher recruitment, so they have to hire substitute teachers.It should be noted that non-regular teachers and contract teachers are employed through the unified teacher recruitment examination organized by the Education Bureau, and they sign employment contracts with the Education Bureau, and their salaries are paid by the finance.Substitute teachers are recruited by the schools themselves and paid by the schools themselves.Under normal circumstances, the salary of substitute teachers is much lower than that of non-regular teachers and contract teachers. Moreover, substitute teachers generally do not pay five insurances and one housing fund. After the original teachers come back, they will face the danger of being dismissed, which is very unstable.What is the compilation of teachers and special post teachers do not understand the students do not worry today xiaobian to give you a popularization of the compilation of teachers have for the cause of compilation, that is, the compilation of teachers for the staff of public institutions.Non-enrolled teachers are temporary employees or contract workers.Teachers, as staff members of public institutions, generally sign a contract period of five years (in practice, only one contract is generally signed) and enjoy the treatment of working in public institutions in accordance with relevant regulations.Special post teachers are a special policy for rural compulsory education in western China implemented by the central government. Through the open recruitment of college graduates to teach in rural schools below the county level, college graduates are guided and encouraged to engage in rural compulsory education, and the supplementary mechanism of rural school teachers is innovated.We will gradually solve the problems of insufficient teachers and unreasonable structure in rural schools, improve the overall quality of rural teachers, and promote the balanced development of education between urban and rural areas.The employment period of special post teachers is generally five years, and they can be directly transferred to the establishment to stay on after the expiration of the employment period and continue to serve rural education.(1) Teachers with special posts have been engaged in education and teaching in rural compulsory education schools for no less than 3 years (hereinafter referred to as the “service period”).During the service period, they can move between compulsory education schools in rural areas below the county level;Upon expiration of the term of service, they may be exchanged with institutions at or above the county level.(2) The probation period of special post teachers shall be cancelled and their positions and grades shall be determined in advance.(3) Special post teachers have high salaries, and their benefits, social insurance and housing funds shall be implemented according to the standards of primary and secondary school teachers in the place where they work.The establishment of national teachers belongs to the establishment of fully funded institutions, enjoying the treatment of public institutions.The composition of teachers’ salary consists of basic salary, allowance and title salary.The salary of professional title can rise as the title rises, and the salary of seniority increases as the length of service increases.Teachers with staff are more secure and stable.Can be transferred, after retirement enjoy the corresponding social security and occupational annuity.