Pujiang county carried out “cheer for Beijing for the Winter Olympics” happy run

2022-05-23 0 By

The 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games has opened grandly!Since then, Beijing has become the world’s first “Double Olympic City”.Congratulations to Beijing, cheer for the Winter Olympic athletes, inherit the Olympic spirit, forge ahead in a new era, stride a new journey, together to the future.February 6 in the morning, by the pujiang county federation of trade unions, PuJiang agatanoatae departments, pujiang county style tour bureau sponsored, pujiang county running association to undertake the pujiang county “cheer for the games Cheer for Beijing “joy to run, held in pujiang county sports center, pujiang county authorities enterprises staff, and community residents about 200 people, took part in the joy ran in the rain, activity a complete success.The magnificent opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games fully demonstrated China’s cultural confidence and the Olympic spirit of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger and More United”. The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will surely be a great success and go down in the annals of Olympic history.The success of the Winter Olympic Games will further drive more people to participate in the national fitness movement to contribute to the transmission of the Olympic spirit pujiang power.