“Second day of community closure” all for life

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When an outbreak happens to an individual, it is his own life that is the life of a family, the life of a unit, the life of the corridor, the life of people in a community. My community is closed, that is, there is a “positive” case in unit 4, building 5, because one case, one unit of people,In the middle of the night, I was pulled away by several big cars and concentrated in isolation. Looking at the lights of the whole unit, it was dark. The isolated person could not return home.Worry is helpless collect, where can have warmth echo for oneself, also be for others, this begins, everything everything stirred up the heart of village people, fear and worry, is the person the flimsiest life?Even the noisy breath of life, quiet, the sky here becomes gloomy, the car has become iron, snow has become ice, the yard has become a closed fence, surrounded together are “close”, the destiny of the community fireworks as usual rises, isolated people in the boil, the people in the community are also boil ah.Living with dignity means that some people leave in isolation, and some people come back.Home is a vivid image of the happiness in silence, but the most beautiful lights 2 blue tents, ripples in the water, the only constant is change old nucleic acid detection is heavy snow last night, epidemic worse this second round of nucleic acid detection is a cold wind in the afternoon, the mood is a mess testing is not the last time health care workers,Test line is not the last person in the cross some unit, some new arrivals, “can’t go back,” a string of rounds of testing, the feelings of other people in the cold wind and inclusive, in thinking about virus trail for myself but I could not guess, sometimes in reality, through time and space, will be angry with me beach string infinite stretched round the nucleic acid detection,Loneliness of love hurt another round of nucleic acid testing, leaving the hope of looking around step by step to see step by step, step by step to go steady step, cold, bitter, chew chew swallow this world, care about people and care about me, in fact, so few, this is my whole world.Isn’t it the same with old neighbors and old houses? Living together in the same heaven and earth is more important than anything else. What kind of optimistic attitude can I use to have a real Zen sense, as if this afternoon, only hearing birds and human voices should be life itself.3 people, there is a garbage closed people of the village, greedy corrupt sleep, but wouldn’t mind only play becomes pattern posture, the outbreak of garbage piling up, feel people’s mind how broad and inclusive people only silence, the only choice is to endure, and property management personnel, a “white armor”, put the rubbish bag a bag packaging, away and disposal,Leave a clean empty this is days past fragments, from blurred to clear, clean the old days, the scenery is still round, the round moon is short of, can’t hear as hatred as v. SOB garbage is left to people, who all have, and who is passionate, be cold wind blowing old days special days, so many “white armor”, by the will of the original and eternal hemorrhagic,The gray and cold resistance to this outbreak was moved by the sun, such as clouds sunrise, release the fragrance of spring.(Author profile: Sun Shuheng, pen name Hengxinyongzai, born in Naiman Banner, Inner Mongolia, now lives in Hohhot.Member of Chinese Financial Writers Association, Chinese Essayist Association, Inner Mongolia Writers Association, Inner Mongolia Poetry Society, Western Essayist Association)