The Led projection lamp meets the concept that the designer wants to convey

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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the light environment of work and life, especially the strobe problem of indoor lamps, more and more people’s attention.So, what is stroboscopic lighting, what is the harm of stroboscopic lighting to human body, identify the misunderstanding of stroboscopic lighting, and how to solve the problem of stroboscopic lighting?At present, the commonly used LED projection lamp on the market is basically 1W high-power LED (each LED component will have a high light efficiency lens made of PMMA, its main function is secondary distribution of led light, that is, secondary optics), there are also a few companies with good heat dissipation technology, and choose 3W or even higher power LED.Suitable for large occasions, such as lighting, building lighting.Led projection lamp as we now use a lot of equipment, we should be very clear in the selection process to know whether these equipment has a very strong function.These equipment in the production process of the light manufacturers adopt very advanced production technology, which makes these equipment has a very powerful function, can greatly meet our use needs.The diversity of functions of this device can also make us better play out his effect when we use it.Stroboscope refers to the fluctuation depth of the light flux of an electric light source.The greater the depth of flux fluctuation, the more serious the stroboscope.The depth of flux fluctuation of electric light source is directly related to the technical quality of electric light source.Traditional lamps are powered by alternating current, and their brightness changes with the alternating current.The stroboscope of a lamp is formed by the change of light and shade, which is usually divided into two kinds: one is the change frequency below 100Hz, when the human eye can catch the stroboscope;The other is that the frequency is above 100Hz and the stroboscope is invisible.1. A successful lighting project design never gets bored.Therefore, the basic lighting and key lighting of the lighting project should be designed according to the overall air to create a different visual feast.In architectural landscape lighting design, Led projection lamps can be used to illuminate the roof. In scenic spot lighting design, the illumination of key lighting is 3-5 times better than that of basic lighting.2. In lighting engineering design, Led projection lamps can be used at night or at other times to better show the original wind landscape, increase the charm of the landscape and understand the landscape design and what the design wants to express. Therefore, the design of landscape lighting lamps meets the concept that the designer wants to convey and creates a more beautiful landscape.3, outdoor lighting product lighting design, in the selection of Led projection lamp, in addition to pay attention to the life of the lamp, light color, energy saving and other product characteristics, but also consider the lamp, product modeling, after-sales service and other points, which is often the main length in the lighting design process.In the use of LED lighting lighting, in the landscape design lighting, do beautification during the day, do art lighting at night.4. In all landscape lighting design, elegant cases can be represented by high brightness lighting, and strong directional light can well reflect the three-dimensional sense and texture of the building.If there are ladders and other buildings in the landscape lighting, white power LED point light source and projection lamp lighting system can be used close to the landscape of the upper and lower scenic spots, so that all the landscape lighting of the building at night can be better integrated and seamless.