The US took a dangerous step and the Chinese sensed something was wrong

2022-05-23 0 By

According to, citing CNN, the United States recently submitted to Congress a fiscal proposal for 2023, the overall budget calls for 5.79 trillion dollars, including 813.3 billion dollars for defense programs. The United States said the spending is necessary to train the best armed forces and ensure the smooth and stable development of the United States in the future.At the same time, the Pentagon also submitted a national defense strategy report, in view of the continuing impact of the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia’s threat to the United States cannot be ignored, and China is regarded as an important rival for strategic influence.In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the United States should reflect on its responsibilities in the Ukraine crisis, ignore other countries’ legitimate security concerns, create imaginary enemies and a series of actions, should be reviewed and corrected.Nearly one-fifth of the budget is devoted to defense. U.S. leaders say this is because China and Russia now pose a threat to the future of the United States. China is a major power and will inevitably affect the security of the United States.But is it really necessary for the US to spend so much on defence?In fact, the $813.3 billion bill is also an economic burden for the United States, as it is 4 percent higher than the $782 billion bill for fiscal year 2021. White House officials said the bill, if passed, would represent a 9.8 percent increase in defense spending over the past two years.Americans will get worse off in terms of infrastructure and social welfare.For now, the bill is just a figment of the leaders’ minds. It will have to be passed by Congress, which has yet to give a formal response, but it is expected to be passed by raising the budget.As the War between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate, the United States also sees China as a future strategic rival, increasing financial investment and strengthening military forces.The US Deputy Secretary of Defense has publicly stated that the Department of Defense’s focus will be on the Indo-Pacific and Europe, with increased investment in activities targeting the region.Senior Pentagon officials said the budget should remain focused on China as its economic power grows and the threat to the United States continues unabated.From the budget to explore the reasons behind, in fact, the us is not due to lack of “security” and in so doing, in fact, the United States as a big state-owned own economic strength and defense power, the positive development of countries around the world, strong national strength, the United States is on the basis of strengthening military investment, not suspected maintain dominance.The United States sees Russia as a threat and uses the Russia-Ukraine war as an excuse to intensify its pressure on Russia.In fact, all countries are busy with their own development and have no intention to disrupt the world order, because chaotic social order is not worth the cost to any country.It is impossible for the US to gain anything by increasing its military investment or boycotting economic development. In other words, smart people strive for win-win outcomes.The high-profile foreign rendering the threat of China’s influence, is irresponsible for the development of the world, is also irresponsible to their country’s future development, China has long advocated is “peace”, whenever you also did not take the initiative to start a war and conflict, on the contrary, China has a strong economic strength, is the world recognized consumption power,Maintaining good relations with China is not only not self-defeating, but also economic strength.