What’s the difference between a daughter and a son?

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The older generation old, face the pension problem, in those days they and now we are not the same of society, now children, no matter boy or girl, is the parents’ pride, hard to raise my children, children grow up estimates also can know the etiquette xiaolian, etc. We are old, can filial piety our estimates,But the older generation’s concept of childcare is quite different.First, the daughter is for other people’s house, the son is his own house.This concept is deep in the rural hometown, the son is the backbone, many old people from the children when they were young, when we were young, hear the old people’s most rhyming is – black boy white boy, all go to my house to eat dumplings, black girl white son, a kick to the ridge.Boys give delicious food, girls kick away, married daughter, spilt water, and even more, often grumble in his mouth – the daughter is losing money – the heart is really terrible.So no matter what delicious food there was in the house, the boys ate it closely, and the girls could only watch it, but when they were working, they all counted on the girls.When they grow up and get married, the married daughter is a commodity. Without enough bride price, the son-in-law cannot carry the sedan chair away.What is the good thing of the family property dividends, naturally no daughter and son-in-law share, but when it comes to the allocation of pension tasks, they always want daughter and son-in-law to contribute, otherwise the son and daughter-in-law will not be willing to, it is really strange.Half the job, half the benefit.In fact, in many rural areas, daughters bear more burden than sons.Some daughters always feel that they don’t take much care of their parents when they get married, and they do something for the elderly as soon as possible. But in fact, their sons and daughters-in-law do not do much, and some even avoid them.Second, regardless of property daughter refused to support compulsory reading some of the girls to go to school, walked out of the poor family industry, have their own career and family, also because and conflict between brothers and their families, refused to support their parents, they grew up not to face, promise, is not willing to bear the obligation, always feel oneself is not a member of this family,Going out depends on their own efforts. Since their parents regard themselves as outsiders, they also regard themselves as outsiders. When they have obligations, they are not willing to share them.Many parents do not know how to take care of their children when they are young, so that they always separate their children. Some of them regard their sons as the offspring of the family and dislike their daughters especially.There are also some people who listen to others or see other people’s sons and daughters are not obedient, not sensible, not filial piety, will be put into their own body, not good for the son and daughter-in-law, but very good for the daughter, always a bowl of water end uneven.Always good this bad that, pay attention to the despise the, to the person can’t equally, lead to the children in the mind is very uncomfortable, at the time of related problems, especially in elderly parents support problem, the family always contradictions conflict, not to be able to get a gas, some people worry that their pay more, spend more money,Some people feel they are less and less should support, not to mention the body outside the parents years meticulous care, and even some old people put their money to his son daughter-in-law tells her daughter said no, and others which in turn gave the daughter and son-in-law, benefits of his son and daughter-in-law, in turn, have no replacement.In fact, as a parent, all children are equal and should be treated equally. Some delicious food should be equally distributed as far as possible, and all people should participate in the fun.Do not use your daughter as a piggy bank for your son, nor your son as a shield for your daughter.They should not treat their children differently, treat their sons as strangers, and treat their sons and daughters-in-law as useless. Instead, they should give everything to their daughters and son-in-law.Harmony begets wealth and happiness. Everyone grows old. If you are in that position yourself, you will realize that it is too late.Should be to meet the things can put themselves in for others, children, whether it’s daughter or son should go to repay the parents of the child, parents should understand the difficulties of children, also should not push everything to a person or some people, while others are only good, don’t pay point.May every old man have a very happy life in his old age, and wish every family harmony and prosperity.Thank you for your reading and sharing. I wish you good health and all the best