Changxing, Zhejiang province in many fields flowering mu reform is pleased to achieve results

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Recently, zhejiang province in 2021 fields and industries per mu benefit leader list released, 200 enterprises become the key manufacturing industry per mu benefit leader, changxing county a total of 5 enterprises on the list.Only in the list of power batteries in the field of manufacturing segmentation, the county has chaowei Group, Kelui (Changxing) Electric Co., LTD., Tianeng Group 3 enterprises become the provincial per mu benefit leader.Over the years, Changxing County will “per mu theory hero” reform as a key to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, continue to promote the project, digital reform in two aspects, improve the per mu output efficiency.A set of eye-catching data in the 2022 Changxing County government work report highlights the effectiveness of the county’s per mu reform:In 2021, the industrial output value above the scale of the county breaks through 150 billion yuan, and the per mu tax and per mu added value of the industrial enterprises above the scale jump from 94,000 yuan/mu and 786,000 yuan/mu in 2016 to 334,000 yuan/mu and 1.75 million yuan/mu respectively.The transformation of the traditional battery industry is an epitome of the reform of changxing County per mu, but also one of the typical transformation of the county’s economic development kinetic energy.Chaowei Group, now the leading enterprise in the field of power battery in this county, is cooperating with SAP, the world’s top company, and striving to build the group into a future-oriented intelligent enterprise within 3-5 years.”We hope to introduce advanced international concepts and realize the goal of ‘digital SUPER Wei, intelligent manufacturing’,” said Wang Ying, director of INFORMATION Center of SUPER Wei Group.Next, The direction of changxing County to deepen the “hero per mu” reform 3.0 version has been clear, will focus on the continuous regression, continuous transformation, promote the county’s industrial governance, build and improve the high-level strategic platform, high-quality backbone platform, characteristic small and micro enterprise park collaborative development system,To form a new pattern of high-quality development of manufacturing industry featuring spatial optimization, industrial cluster, element concentration, function integration and green intensification, and to build a leading demonstration area of high-quality development of manufacturing industry in the province.(Zhang Qiong) Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: