Cold weather eat hot pot, tonight’s seafood hot pot walk light luxury route, but the price is much more affordable than the Spring Festival

2022-05-24 0 By

Today, it’s colder than yesterday, and the rain keeps falling.Last night, I had a barbecue on the stove, but a friend left a message saying that it was cold and we should eat hot pot.So, tonight is hot pot, a light and luxurious seafood hot pot with geoduck, bamboo clams, durong, abalone and cuttlefish balls.As A matter of fact, I didn’t want to buy these, but when I went to the seafood stall I was familiar with, the chef strongly recommended geoduck, saying that the quality was a-grade, but the price was more than one-third cheaper than that of The Spring Festival. Moreover, the size was also moderate, about 1.5 kg each, with thin shells and lots of meat, and the meat was crisp and sweet, which was A rare food ingredient.In fact, the geoduck is a bit of a waste of hot pot. The neck meat is crispy and tough, suitable for sashimi, dipped in mustard, the delicious taste from mouth to throat, it is delicious.Because the food material has enough delicious, so the soup base directly use clear soup base is good, but the sauce should be prepared according to personal favorite several kinds.Wasabi soy sauce, bean sauce, three slices (shredded ginger, scallion and chili, soy sauce).Seafood hot pot for 5 people, about 120 yuan per person, you can eat:One geoduck clams (300 yuan), four abalone (52 yuan), durong 500g (90 yuan), bamboo clams 500g (100 yuan), cuttlefish balls six fish balls six (30 yuan), corn 12 yuan, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum 8 yuan, puku peel 13 yuan, kway teow 4 yuan. The total food costs 609 yuan, which is much cheaper than the Lunar New Year, and much more affordable than eating out.