People’s Daily, China Women’s Daily praised Shandong Yiyuan: “Civilized Spring Festival” as an opportunity to promote multi-dimensional changing customs

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The Yiyuan County Women’s Federation, relying on the village (residence) Red and White Council, has set up a new wedding volunteer service team to create the “women blossom” women discussion brand. The “Meijia supermarket” in each village has become a good carrier to promote the work of changing customs in Yiyuan County.On February 8, the People’s Daily, the fourth edition (click on the blue word to view the report → “Happy event is really festive and simple”), the front page of The Chinese Women’s Newspaper published an article, praised shandong Yiyuan practice.Watch the China women’s news articles – shandong yiyuan county women’s federation actively guide the broad masses of women civilization fresh air – to “beauty” in the family as the carrier multidimensional promote transforming social traditions low yiyuan county women’s federation depends on the village (house) red and white council set up an occasion new volunteer service, make “female flowers” women’s brand, clear marriage new standard,Advocating new weddings, simple funerals, and thick and thin funerals.● Under the background of the action of “Deepening the construction of civilized Customs”, meijia Supermarket in yiyuan County has become a good carrier to promote the work of yiyuan County.And will change customs as an important content of rural aesthetic education “children set off firecrackers is not safe, and the superior also don’t let it, we have to support the superior policy, heard that firecrackers can be exchanged for blessing bags, I took the grandson to exchange, let the children receive civilized education, I can also get daily necessities, is really good.”A resident of Meijia Supermarket in Lishan Street and Yuan Community of Yiyuan county, East China’s Shandong Province, Jan. 26, 2019. Li Dajie and her grandson replace firecrackers with a bag of colorful mud.Li told China Women’s Daily omnimedia that she had to go home and tell her sisters who had firecrackers to come and replace them.The reporter learned that on the eve of the Spring Festival, yiyuan County women’s Federation, together with the publicity department of the County Party Committee and other departments, held an activity of “Exchanging firecrackers for lucky bags for civilized Chinese New Year” in Yiyuan County, encouraging people to take the initiative to hand in stored fireworks and exchange gifts at the village “Meijia Supermarket”.On January 26, a total of 35 people participated in the exchange of “meijia supermarket” in Heyuan community, recycling nearly 5,000 firecrackers.According to yiyuan county women’s federation, chairman of the party secretary, zhang ning is introduced, according to yiyuan “about to carry out the” deepening the transforming social traditions construction local custom civilization “action plan for three years to overcome the specific requirements, the county women’s federation depends on the village (house) red and white board established an occasion new volunteer service, make” female flowers “women’s brand, clear marriage new standard,Advocating new weddings, simple funerals, and thick and thin funerals.Up to now, yiyuan County has held more than 1,500 new marriage ceremonies, saved more than 10 million yuan of property, carried out a total of 1002 aesthetic classes such as online and offline changing customs, sought more than 60 new spokespersons for wedding ceremonies, built 25,000 “Beauty in the Family” model households, 296 “Beauty home supermarkets”, 33 “aesthetic alleys”, 276 women’s councils.Now, in Jijiazhuang Village, Nanma Street, Yiyuan County, the villagers do not choose markets or supermarkets to buy washing supplies, but instead choose a small supermarket — Meijia Supermarket, which has a small door but is always full of people.The reporter saw that in this supermarket, all items are marked with integral prices, the 5th and 6th of every month, is the day that the villagers of Jia Jiazhuang village with integral cards to “Meijia Supermarket” concentrated exchange items., according to the village women’s federation chairman can not all of the villagers in home that “supermarket” to exchange goods, only once every two months in the “beauty” in the family of a model household enter a check in the top 50, and 90 points above the “beauty” in the family of a model household, can get south hemp street “beautiful home supermarket” scorecard as a reward.”Since the opening of the Meizai Supermarket in the village, villagers have become more active in participating in the creation of the Meizai family, the village style has become more civilized, and the appearance of the village has taken on a new look.”The chairman of the village women’s federation said.In yiyuan, like Gu Jiazhuang village “beautiful home supermarket” for 296, and, more importantly, the “deepening the construction of transforming social traditions local custom civilization” against the background of action, “beautiful home supermarket” has become a yiyuan deepening good carrier for the work transforming social traditions, and transforming social traditions as a country the important content of aesthetic education,It is included in the range of “Meizai Family” construction and “Meizai Supermarket” points exchange.”Firecrackers for blessing bag civilization New Year”, is to “beauty in the family” as the carrier, to promote the work of changing customs and customs constantly in-depth a beneficial attempt.”Civilized Spring Festival” as an opportunity to advocate multi-dimensional tree xinxiang style “Yiyuan county in the whole field, the deployment requirements of the whole time ban on burning fireworks is a ‘hard regulation’, the county women’s Federation and a number of departments, to exchange firecrackers for lucky bags’ soft method ‘to encourage the masses to understand this regulation, and actively abide by the provisions.In the initiative of ‘Civilized Chinese New Year’, the advantages of women’s federations have been brought into full play.”Zhang Ning said.Up to now, Yiyuan county has participated in the exchange of more than 4,400 people, recycling nearly 50,000 firecrackers.Besides “firecrackers in blessing bag” activities, in the before and after the lunar New Year holiday, yiyuan women’s positive response to the superior women’s federation, by issuing a petition, make a short video and civilization to a variety of ways, such as actively guide the broad masses of women to be advocates, disseminator and practitioners of transforming social traditions, contributing to new era civilization air women’s power.The reporter learned that the county women’s federation integration media, network letter office, visual yiyuan and other production of “In Yiyuan civilization New Year” short video MV, is in the form of rap about those things, let the civilized fashion “sing” into the heart, “sing” yiyuan.Yiyuan county women’s federation to borrow in the New Year visit, send method of the home, the home that day, the organization women volunteers by issuing live in suzhou, the interpretation of policy, preaching, advocating respect elders, burning fireworks bans, wedding, funeral Jane run new and civilization is a holiday, will amend the custom civilization concept to women, children and the family.In addition, yiyuan county women’s federation organization townships actively carry out the “most beautiful” achieved the family “the family”, “good mother” deliver “good daughter-in-law” example typical prize, visit visit, activities such as start-up, based on the example of praise publicity around, vigorously carry forward the family virtues, show women’s elegant demeanor, guide the family pay attention to tutor family trait, bring more people to actively participate in,Inheriting good family traditions and creating a civilized and harmonious Atmosphere for the New Year.”Through multi-form, multi-dimensional and embedded propaganda, the civilization concept of changing customs and practicing strict economy has gradually been accepted by more and more people, people’s ideas are changing, and the new wind of civilization is gradually rooted in the hearts of people.”Zhang Ning said, the next step, Yiyuan County women’s federation will give full play to the unique role of women in family life and social life, relying on the “Meijia Supermarket” and other position advantages, constantly innovate the carrier of activities, solid and in-depth work to change customs.Source: China Women’s Daily/China Women’s Daily all-media reporter Yao Jian Wang Danqing Dong Yue-ke (ID: RMRBSSD) Editor: Zhao Ping Proofread: Dong Liyan Review: Liu Min