Performance forecast a few happy a few sorrow?

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“Pu Ben! The Year of the Tiger is expected to get off to a good start! Weekly Record of Convertible Bond Investment (20220206)” has been published on the wechat public account, welcome to follow.After the close on January 28, the market ushered in the last batch of company forecast results. The median forecast data of relevant convertible bonds are shown in the following table.Shengtun Mining/Shengtun cb: In 2021, the net profit is expected to increase by 20 times year-on-year, and the net profit is expected to increase by 494% year-on-year. In the fourth quarter, the net profit turns from loss to profit.During the reporting period, driven by the development of the lithium industry, the nickel, cobalt and copper plates of the company have strong demand for nickel and cobalt raw materials from downstream battery material manufacturers, and the prices of new energy metals such as nickel, cobalt and copper are at a high level.Comments: The performance surge has been reflected in the stock and convertible bond surge, once the relevant precious metal prices fall, the company’s earnings are difficult to maintain growth.Penghui Energy/Penghui convertible bond: In 2021, the net profit is expected to surge 351% year on year, and the net profit in the fourth quarter turned from loss to profit.The main reason is that the company continues to strengthen the development of energy storage market. The income of energy storage battery business has increased significantly compared with the same period last year, while the income of consumer battery business has maintained a steady growth. The income of automobile power battery business has also increased significantly compared with the same period last year.Comments: Because energy storage, automotive power battery because of the achievement of sudden growth, stocks and convertible bonds rise reflected.The company’s valuation is quite high, once the growth rate declines, there is a risk of killing the valuation.In 2021, the net profit is expected to soar 303% year on year, and the net profit in the fourth quarter soared 76 times.1. In 2021, the new energy power generation assets transfer business of the company has been sold to Xinjiang Jize Power Generation Co., LTD., Ningxia Kaiyang New Energy Co., LTD., and Ningxia Boyang New Energy Co., LTD., generating a cumulative profit of about 420 million yuan.2. In 2021, the average wind speed in the region where some of the company’s wind power assets are located and the grid-connected installed capacity of the company are increased compared with the same period of the previous year. The above two factors increase the power generation of the company’s wind farms superimposed, thus increasing the profit of the company’s new energy power generation business.Comments: transfer company profits recorded as recurring profit and loss, there is a big deduction non net profit suspect.If excluding the transfer net profit of 420 million yuan, the company’s net profit grew 92% year on year, growth is also good.Positive shares and convertible bonds.Youzu network/Youzu cb: In 2021, the net profit is expected to increase by 219% year-on-year, with a loss of 390 million to 200 million yuan deducted from the non-net profit. In the fourth quarter, the net profit turns from loss to profit.Mainly: The company’s non-recurring income is expected to be about 470,000 to 570 million yuan, which is mainly composed of income from changes in fair value of financial assets measured at fair value, investment income from disposal of traded financial assets, income from asset disposal, government subsidies recorded into current profits and losses, etc.The company by jiaxing bright investment partnership (limited partnership) and Beijing light letter equity funds partnership (limited partnership) hold optimal moment to science and technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “best time”) a minority stake, share-price volatility during the reporting period because the best time to generate large losses on the changes in the fair value of the larger, on the other hand,Financial assets measured at fair value such as Long Venture Partners L.P., XD Inc.Due to the fluctuations in the valuation of the investment project held, the dividends obtained during the holding period and the income generated by disposal, a larger income will be generated, and the final amount will be subject to the subsequent acquisition of the corresponding fund valuation report and audit results.Comments: The company achieved a profit by the extraordinary profit and loss, business is still not optimistic.Lingnan Stock/Lingnan convertible bond: It is expected to achieve a net profit of 53.5 million to 80 million yuan in 2021, and the net profit in the fourth quarter will turn from loss to profit.The main reasons are as follows: as the epidemic situation continues to repeat in 2021, the company has made a series of reform and deployment in accordance with the market and corporate reality, cultivating new opportunities in the crisis, breaking through adversity and maintaining a relatively stable development trend.The company’s steady recovery of business performance, compared with the same period last year to achieve profit.Comments: the company’s recent stock price ups and downs, mainly the capital optimistic subsidiary Henggrun technology in the meta-universe technology, late is the stock and convertible bond trend also need to see the meta-universe plate.Hubei Radio & Television/Huguang cb: It is expected to achieve a net profit loss of 400 million yuan in 2021, and the net profit in the fourth quarter will turn from loss to profit.Firstly, influenced by multiple factors such as the development of the Internet and new media, the loss of traditional cable audience users is large, and the development of public passenger business has encountered bottlenecks.Second, restricted by the lack of mobile communication services, telecom operators take advantage of the unequal competitive advantage of TV and broadband services given by mobile phone packages to seize the market share of traditional TV and broadband services;Third, the company’s main cost is rigid, and the decline of cable TV and broadband business revenues directly leads to profit losses.The ipo will be approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission on January 27.Reed electric branch is star meteor high investment fund investment enterprises, is the fund investment enterprises in the first IPO approved enterprises.Star Meteor High Investment Fund is jointly initiated and established by Star Meteor Investment Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hubei Radio and Television Network, and Hubei High-tech Industry Investment Group.The fund focuses on new networks, new media and new applications. In addition to Reed, two other investment companies have submitted IPO applications and are in the process of processing.Comments: The company’s recent stock price rise, may be the company’s indirect investment subsidiary listed approval.Apac/APAC convertible bond: recently received the supplier nomination letter from FAW, the company will act as the parts development and production supplier of FAW, to develop and produce rear brake caliper assembly (with EPB) products of Hongqi new energy vehicle project.Comments: positive shares and convertible bonds.Qiaoyin Shares/Qiaoyin convertible bonds: won the pre-bid of the market-oriented sanitation service project of Donghu District, Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province of about 489 million yuan.Comments: In 2021, 19.038 billion yuan will be added to the bid, and 1.418 billion yuan will be added to the annual service amount.Positive shares and convertible bonds.Skyworth digital/Skyworth CONVERTIBLE bonds: reported that skyworth 8K+VR technology enables “Technology Winter Olympics”, sending an immersive watching experience.Comments: Chuang Wei digital trading before the reason found, the original is in the Winter Olympics company meta-universe product appearance.Zhengbang Technology/Zhengbang convertible bond: It is expected to achieve a net profit loss of 18.95 billion yuan in 2021, and the net profit in the fourth quarter will turn from surplus to deficit.The main reason is the decline of the domestic market price of live pigs. The average sales price of the company’s single head is 16.60 yuan/kg, down 16.10 yuan/kg year-on-year, and the revenue of the single head is 1653 yuan. The increase of sales combined with the decline of sales price affects the profit of 8.873 billion yuan.The company has a single industry and its profit contribution is mainly pig breeding business. Compared with diversified companies, the company is more affected by the pig cycle.Comments: in addition to the original animal husbandry, pork losses have become a common phenomenon in the industry.New Hope also lost 9.1 billion yuan, but the company’s loss is more serious, and the company can breed 380,000 sows and 220,000 gilts, compared with the same period last year, down more than 60%, the company’s operation in the later period is worrying.Rural Commercial Bank/Rural Rural Convertible bond: According to the Qingdao Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the Rural Rural Commercial Bank received two fines in a row for a number of violations of laws and regulations. The bank was fined 44.1 million yuan and 28 related responsible persons were punished.Comments: small negative stocks and convertible bonds.Le Ge Shares/Le Ge convertible bonds: In the institutional research, I said that the shipbuilding strategy of the company was studied repeatedly and planned for a long time, not impulsive.The cost of charter is very high: short-term charter (six months to one year), the quoted price is close to 100,000 USD/day (including labor costs), generally more than 50,000 USD/day;Long term lease (more than 3 years), the quotation is 30,000-40,000 USD/day.The annual rent is more than $10 million, the boat costs $32 million, and you can buy it for three years.In addition, shipbuilding investment will be the main investment this year. In the case of balanced capital demand, it may buy land to build warehouses by itself. Next year, it will dilute part of its equity and introduce external investors.Comments: This news is very interesting, the production of computer support company shipbuilding, DO not know how the management think, difficult high freight will continue?What is the company’s shipbuilding advantage?The feeling is blind diversity.Soyute/Soyute convertible bond: The company is expected to have a net profit loss of 3.4 billion to 3.95 billion yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021, so the net assets at the end of 2021 is expected to be -170 million to 370 million yuan.The auditor of the company’s annual report may reasonably estimate and adjust credit impairment loss, asset impairment loss, deferred income tax assets and other items. If the amount of profit and loss reduction is more than 400 million yuan, the company’s net assets will be negative.Considering the principle of prudence, the net assets of the company at the end of 2021 are expected to be -170 million to 0 million yuan.If the company’s net assets are negative, the company’s stock trading will be subject to delisting risk warning, that is, plus *ST.Comments: Under the increasingly strict delisting rules, once the delisting risk warning is implemented, the risk of the company’s stocks and convertible bonds increases greatly.”Pu Ben! The Year of the Tiger is expected to get off to a good start! 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