The Quanzhou Municipal Commission office moved to help carry out epidemic prevention and control work

2022-05-24 0 By

Anti-epidemic task force.On 24 March, Quanzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a new round of instructions for regional Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing.Quanzhou city commission to sink the first line of anti-epidemic team heard the order and move, all the attack.Just after dawn, the team assembled and lined up. After a brief mobilization in the wind and rain, we rushed to the nucleic acid testing site without stopping.The nucleic acid test started at 6 o ‘clock, and the team members consciously and orderly assisted the community to carry out work, whether it was temperature detection, crowd guidance, health code check, registration and verification information, transport medical supplies, we could see everyone busy shuttling to and from every post.”Please line up according to the one-meter line sign at your feet and keep a safe distance. Thank you for your cooperation!””Everyone must be careful of water accumulation, pay attention to safety.”The team responsible for maintaining order walked from the front of the line to the back of the line, repeatedly reminding residents to keep order and prevent congregations.For the residents with mobility difficulties or the elderly, the team carefully opened the “green passage” for them.On that day, the team sank the nucleic acid detection of 13457 people in Linjiang Street, Licheng District, and successfully completed the target task of checking all the people in the team. Although they were tired and tired, they felt very happy.Since its sinking on March 18, the task force has also participated in the relocation of more than 900 people, persuaded more than 1,600 people to return from overseas visits and community residents, and assisted the community in transferring five patients from the quarantinable area.