The emperor wanli ascended the throne at the age of ten. The first time he dealt with the music was very decent. The secret was to put a pile of notes on the table

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When the Emperor wanli ascended the throne at the age of 10, facing the first time to face the court when the official was presented on the report, he approved decent and have a model, but the minister high arch after knowing the truth but almost put the nose gas crooked.What the hell is going on here?If you want to know, let xiaobian to reveal for you :(all pictures in this article, all from the network, thank the original author, such as infringement of your rights, please contact the number of the author to delete.Zhu Yijun, emperor of the Ming Dynasty, was born on September 4, 1563 and died on August 18, 1620. He was the thirteenth Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. He was the third son of Zhu Zai坖, emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and his mother was Empress Dowager Xiao Ding Li.In 1568, Zhu yijun was appointed crown Prince. Four years later, with the death of Ming Muzong, he ascended to the throne at the age of ten under the title wanli. He reigned for 48 years, making him the longest serving Emperor of the Ming Dynasty.In the first ten years of the reign of Emperor Shenzong of Ming Dynasty, Zhang Juzheng, the chief assistant of the cabinet, took charge of the affairs of the imperial court and implemented a series of reform measures, which made great contributions to the social and economic development and created the situation of “Wanli revival”.Unfortunately, with the death of Zhang Juzheng, wanli emperor also lost important constraints, and eventually abandoned the government, the establishment of the next 28 years not to court absurd records.At the same time, in the Wanli Dynasty, the later Jin was also gradually rising, coupled with the increasingly serious domestic taxation, finally caused the great Ming Dynasty internal turmoil and foreign invasion.At the beginning of the reign of Emperor Wanli, he was only a ten year old child and had no ability to handle political affairs at all.Therefore, in the process of accepting courtiers worship, also need someone to guide it, and the guide of the Emperor is feng Bao, a big eunuch.If according to common sense, emperor Wanli could have sat on the dragon’s chair without speaking and let Feng Bao deal with it in front of him.But the courtiers still had papers to submit, which doubtless required the emperor’s personal examination.Feng Bao had no choice but to resort to zhang Juzheng, the chief assistant at that time.Zhang Juzheng Lao Cheng mou, he had expected the little emperor is about to face the dilemma, so he and Feng Bao secret deliberations, but also personally write some small note to Feng Bao, asked him to let the little emperor personally open.Once the courtier has the ability to play, according to the content written on the note can be scripted.Emperor Wanli had been reading since he was five years old. He had almost no problem reading the words on the note.On the day of the enthronement ceremony, the ministers have played, requesting the emperor to read the document for themselves, but also to the new emperor group.Little Wanli emperor can not see the ministers’ mind, also do not understand the politics of the civil group, in his eyes, the mountains of paperwork so that he felt in a hurry to dispose of all the official duties, back to the harem to continue to play.Military ministers to the throne, only six things outside, where government officials appointed situation, domestic calamity, need money support, the thief insurrection, need sent the army siege, the Forbidden City are dredging engineering or national state, as well as sacrificial worship, and so on and so forth, and executed prisoners, case how to judgment, and so on.There is no doubt that the above problems are the work under the jurisdiction of the six ministries of government, household, ceremony, military, punishment and work.Interestingly, the first six pieces of paper zhang juzheng wrote directly asked the officials, households, rites, soldiers, punishments, and workers to give their opinions, and then reported to the Cabinet, who gave their opinions, and then reported to the emperor Zhu PI for approval.If there is something that cannot be solved, the Emperor of Wanli needs to directly find the last piece of paper to read and completely push the matter to the cabinet.The minister of internal affairs gao Gong felt very curious, he saw with his own eyes only ten years old little emperor to be able to deal with all the play in an orderly way, and deal with very appropriate, really is out of his own accident.But when he saw emperor Wanli in a piece of paper, just understand the truth, almost will his nose gas crooked.Poor ministers dare not look up, but for the Emperor wanli easy pass to provide a chance, later, Zhang Juzheng died, wanli emperor negligent discipline, create 30 years do not go up the record, Ming dynasty perish wanli, is not groundless.Reference materials: “The Ming Dynasty” thunderstorm days Jiangsu ancient books publishing house