Zhu Xi asked: why is it called “buy things” not “buy north and south”?The 10-year-old said it all

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The word “shopping” is so common in our daily lives that we all seem to casually ask “Where to?””Shopping,” he answered loudly.In fact, the word “buy things” appeared as early as in ancient times, and the ancients also commonly used the word “buy things”.But have we ever wondered why it is “buy things” and not “buy North and South”?As early as in ancient times, this question was put forward by zhu Xi, one of the neo-confucianists of Cheng and Zhu.But the last person you’d expect to find answering that question is a ten-year-old.Zhu Xi built bai Lu Dong Academy in 1178, Emperor Xiaozong of Song appointed Zhu Xi to be in charge of agriculture in the Nankang Army.Zhu Xi’s arrival in June 1179 coincided with a severe drought that devastated the crops and reduced the farmers’ harvest, making life a misery.Zhu Xi then asked the imperial court for relief, tax exemption, and began to build water conservancy projects.Soon through the disaster, but Zhu Xi also realized that the people light enough to eat, but not high education can not be.By chance this year’s October, when Zhu Xi felt the situation of the people, happened to meet a woodcutter to lead the way, discovered the white deer cave academy site.Zhu Xi wanted to restore it so that more students could have a school to read and learn Chinese characters.Under zhu Xi’s strong advocacy, soon white Deer Cave academy in the yuan Chun seven years restored.Zhu Xi from the hole Lord, personally taught, widely invited masters to teach, at his own expense to buy books, enrich books, but also asked the emperor to grant the amount, grant imperial books.Also set up a school, to support poor students, and personally set up learning rules, namely the famous “White Deer Cave college Canon”.The Canon of White Deer Cave Academy is one of the earliest educational rules and regulations in the history of education in the world. It has made a detailed plan for the educational outline and educational purpose, and has become an important basis for later generations to study the history of education and educational rules and regulations.As Zhu Xi himself was renowned as a master of Neo-Confucianism, he founded the White Deer Cave Academy and gave lectures in person, which attracted numerous students to attend the academy just to listen to the master’s lectures.On that day, Zhu Xi gave a lecture on Neo-Confucianism as usual.Due to Zhu Xi’s fame, people of all ages came from all over the country to attend the lecture.At the beginning, we listened attentively to Zhu Xi’s lecture and followed zhu Xi’s thinking. From time to time, we nodded our heads to express our approval of Zhu Xi’s views or to express our admiration.But as time went by, people began to feel bored and absent-minded.Some of the students wandered off, some even dozed off.At this time, I do not know who is a cry, attracted everyone’s attention, all looked outside the door.I saw a young girl outside the door is carrying a basket from the door.This woman has crescent eyebrows, eyes like eyes, eyelids like wings, nose white teeth, pink lips wet, and exposed skin like jade porcelain smooth and tender, people can not move their eyes.A head of hair like ink, over the back of the shoulder, add a bit of elegance.Is lecturing Zhu Xi also noticed the movement, students to see the attention of all women to attract the past, Zhu Xi is also very angry.He was annoyed and humiliated by what he considered the students’ lack of attention.But he did not hurt his status as a scholar by directly scolding the students.He tapped his ruler, drew the students’ attention to him, and asked them grimly: “Do you know what that woman is going to do with that basket?”The students, perhaps feeling guilty and absented themselves in class, scrambled to answer Zhu Xi’s questions.Some students said they were going to get rice, some said they were going for an outing, and some said they were going shopping.When the man answered to buy something, he did just what Zhu Xi wanted. He tapped his ruler to signal silence.After the students kept quiet, Zhu Xi asked, “Why buy things instead of north and south?”Ten years old child said the answer in a language sure enough, after Zhu Xi put forward this question, the room was silent, everyone did not know the answer.”Who knows how to solve this problem, but it doesn’t hurt to say.”Zhu Xi repeated the question again.”Teacher, I have an answer!”A young child’s voice sounded in the school, Zhu Xi looked, the answer was a young child.Zhu Xi was very surprised that a young child had the answer, he asked the little student to say the answer, whether right or wrong.Encouraged, the child answered loudly, “East is wood, west is gold, South is fire, north is water.Since he is carrying a bamboo basket, he can only hold wood and gold, so he is buying things, not north and south.”After the child answered, Zhu Xi clapped for the child, because he was absolutely right, and praised the child for knowing the five elements at an early age.This made the rest of the students feel even more ashamed and listened to Zhu Xi’s lecture with even greater concentration.The word “buy things” originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty. At that time, there were two capitals in the city: east and west. To buy goods in Tokyo was called “buy east”, and to buy goods in West Beijing was called “buy west”.We’re all familiar with this. “Buy a horse in the East, a saddleball in the West,” reads the Mulan Poem.Over time, as time goes by, people will directly merge the east and west markets, the word to buy goods colloquial “buy things”.Later generations have thus said that buying goods is called buying things.”Things” belong to wood and gold, and cannot be eaten. But after song and Yuan dynasties, people not only bought things, but also ate them. The word “things” is still used today.In the Qing Dynasty, there was a precise explanation: “The daily needs of the people’s livelihood were made of wood and exchanged for gold.” That is to say, the food, clothing and necessities of the people were obtained from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds of plants, which were not directly obtained but bought with money. Therefore, “things” was synonymous with food.Whether its etymological interpretation is correct or not, the meaning of eating “food” is something everyone can understand.Wisdom education From this event, we can not only learn “why to buy things instead of buying north and south”, but also learn zhu Xi’s wisdom teaching.At first, the students found the course boring and couldn’t help but wander off. But instead of getting angry and berating the students, Zhu Xi drew their attention back and invigorated their minds by throwing a bizarre question.Through this question they learned the art of the five elements.Secondly, Zhu Xi did not answer the question because of a 10-year-old child, he looked down on, think the 10-year-old child know what?But encouraged him to speak out the answer, to give every student a chance to express themselves.Finally, “shopping” is not an ordinary question. It tells us that we should often find the problems we are used to. We all have conventions about things, but why?Why is it the convention to call it that, to use it that way?Ask yourself a few more whys.