First gold medal of Beijing Winter Olympics!Johai Georgia won gold in the women’s cross-country skiing double pursuit

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China News Network Beijing, February 5Friday was the first gold Medal day of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The first gold medal of the Winter Olympics was won in the women’s cross-country skiing double chase (7.5km traditional technique + 7.5km free technique).Trice Johaiug of Norway beat a crowd of competitors to win the title.Cross-country skiing, known as the “snow marathon”, became the first Winter Olympics event in 1924.As a traditional sport, 12 gold MEDALS will be at stake in 10 days of competition.Norway, traditionally strong in cross-country skiing, has won more than 120 MEDALS in winter Olympic history, far more than any other team.Johaig, 34, missed out on the Pyeongchang Games and it was her goal to return to the top of the Olympic podium in Beijing, a dream that has come true.Source: