Long horse into the world of art true craftsmanship craftsmanship soul

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Foreword: Along the coast of Bohai Sea, tianjin University is a great university and a country’s best university, from Beiyang University to Tianjin University. As a modern university in China, Tianjin University is the first in China’s modern higher education. It has always adhered to the school motto of “Seeking truth from Facts” and practiced the inheritance of craftsman’s spirit.For more than 100 years, China has been at the forefront of openness, inclusiveness and inclusiveness.Similarly, Mazda, which has always stuck to itself in its hundred years of brand history, also regards the spirit of craftsmanship as the foundation of design and technology.When Changan Mazda, which sticks to the true craftsmanship, met with the century-old trend of inheriting craftsmanship, two like-minded souls wrote a story of school-enterprise cooperation.Schools and enterprises with the same platform, Changma day like-minded “self-improvement first in storage, storage will be the first to learn.”From Peiyang University to Tianjin University, during the 126 years, countless national pillars and industry masters have come out here, taking the simple motto of “Seeking truth from Facts” as the foundation of their foundation.This kind of realistic craftsman spirit also happens to coincide with the temperament of Changan Mazda.Qiu Jingliang, professor and director of the Department of Environmental Design at Tianjin University, said: “In the context of new engineering, we are thinking about how to effectively interpret the spirit of craftsmanship;How to give full play to the advantages of discipline integration;How to seamlessly connect with the market and users.Mazda, like Tianjin University, has a hundred years of heritage and heritage, and is also experiencing a great change once in a century.I believe that this open class will be an innovative embodiment of the integration of industry and education.”(Speech by Qiu Jingliang, Professor and Director of Environmental Design Department of Tianjin University) This trip to Tianjin University will also be the final stop of chang ‘an Mazda Happy Horse Open class.Wu Xuxi, Executive Deputy General manager of Changan Mazda Auto Sales Branch, said, “Tianjin University has been adhering to the motto of seeking truth from facts and practicing the inheritance of craftsman spirit for 100 years, which coincides with Changan Mazda.We hope to deeply discuss the symbiosis and co-creation of technology and art with more generation Z youth through the innovative form of Yuema Open class, so as to fully empower generation Z youth to enhance their value by resonating with them with innovative technologies and products of unique value.”(Address by Wu Xuxi, Executive Vice General Manager of Changan Mazda Automobile Sales Branch) The reason why Tianjin University can adhere to the concept of “seeking truth from facts” is that this group of craftsmen always pay attention to the most cutting-edge views and solve the most practical problems.The current social development is bound to be carbon neutral.Wang He, associate professor of Tianjin University, shares “the influence and revolution of automobile as a culture on design” in his eyes from four aspects: clean energy, bionic design, ingenuity and ingenuity.”New energy vehicles like the MAZDA CX-30 EV will play a key role in carbon neutrality, and we need to design greener and more aesthetically pleasing facilities to match,” he shared.These designs need to be integrated with the environment, which determines that our design needs to refer more to nature and reimagine products with bionic design language.Mazda’s soul design is derived from the dynamic cheetah, which extracts the sense of life and natural sense is very attractive.At the same time, Mazda can apply craftsmanship to design, respect for materials, craftsmanship and respect for nature, which is very rare in today’s digital world.”(Shared by Wang He, Associate professor of Tianjin University) Whether it is technical details or driving experience, Changan Mazda also insists on its own craftsmanship.Qian Yaoyi, senior product development engineer of Changan Mazda R&D Center, said: “In the long history, Mazda is not plain sailing, to make the world du Wu 2 things, to achieve du Wu 2 technology is very difficult.Mazda is by virtue of never give up, indomitable spirit to become the world’s one can mass-produce rotor engine car brand.Mazda pursues minimalism and adopts subtraction aesthetics, which is the condensation of white space, inversion and light and shadow changes. It is through subtraction aesthetics that Mazda truly puts conceptual design into mass production.Mazda aims to truly improve the environment, namely ‘from the extraction of fuel to the driving of vehicles’, and thinks about how to save energy and protect the environment from the overall life-cycle latitude of fuel use.Mazda has always pursued ji combustion engine technology, so developed the SPCCI this unique compression ignition technology.It is the mission of Mazda technicians to build cars with the concept of environmental protection.”(Qian Yaoyi, senior product development engineer, Changan Mazda R&D Center) Beat fickleness with originality and insisted on answering the original idea. After several rounds of sharing, tianda students on the scene had a deeper understanding of Changan Mazda, especially for the attitude of “go all out in details”.In the interactive part of the salon, Mr. Wu Xuxi and Mr. Qian Yaoyi communicated with Professor Liu Haifeng from The School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University, focusing on brand value, future talent development direction and Mazda technology evolution.(Wonderful event of interactive salon) Some Mazda owners mentioned that Mazda’s gearshift lever is designed as a ruler, and the safety consideration for accidental contact is very in place, which is the embodiment of Mazda’s “people-oriented” design.At this point, some students said that in today’s increasingly impetuous social atmosphere, Chang ‘an Mazda can still adhere to such a brand spirit is very rare.Mr. Wu Xuxi agreed with this point of view, Changan Mazda is a brand that will not compromise easily, whether it is the persistence of soul aesthetics, or the persistence of rotor engine research and development, Changan Mazda hopes to defeat impetuous with ingenuity, with persistence to answer the original intention.Changan Mazda will always be a small and beautiful brand, will not blindly pursue to cater to, or change themselves.Coming to the era of new energy, Tiantian students also have expectations for chang ‘an Mazda’s countermeasures. Professor Liu Haifeng said frankly that new energy is indeed the frontier, but internal combustion engine will not disappear soon.He thinks, the real environmental protection is ji for energy use, the internal combustion engine from birth to now has been evolved, and revolutionary technologies such as Mazda gen chi blue sky is a symbol of the development of efficient internal combustion engine, believe in the future, and chi blue sky is not the end of the technology, the internal combustion engine with Mazda will also usher in the next one hundred years.The open class also attracted a lot of students who “turn to the scene”. Some students excitedly expressed that Mazda had refreshed her stereotype of car design and hoped to learn more detailed design.Mr. Wu Xuxi took panoramic sunroof as an example. Mazda does not have models with panoramic sunroof, because of the impact of panoramic sunroof on car safety. Mazda insists on strengthening b-pillar to ensure body structure, which is people-oriented.Changan Mazda hopes that more young people can feel the philosophy of driving pleasure, and welcomes you to join changan Mazda to create more attractive products.As this year in the public class of yue final station, tianjin university will also be the academic public class and the school BBS “beiyang lecture hall”, as Mr Wu Xuxi presented “the northern lecture hall” commemorative photo frame and suit books, demonstrates the strong academic atmosphere, tianjin university for changan Mazda is also a very heavy surprise.Give Mr Wu Xuxi commemorative photo frame (tianjin university student representatives) horse racing, young without borders, to the United States and then starting from tsinghua university to tianjin university, eight yue public class complete MSC, ma chang an Mazda student campus life by osmosis, explore continuously in the collisions with Z generation of thinking of the fusion of technology and art development, lets the student understand long horse, pay attention to long horse,Appreciate the product philosophy of Changma.Next, Chang ‘an Mazda will invite a number of college teachers to walk into the headquarters of Chang ‘an Mazda to listen to the teaching achievements from the universities and share the ways of the integration of industry and education and talent cultivation.In the future, Chang ‘an Mazda will continue to enter more young scenes, close to young groups, create more users love, the brand heart content.The event will run from February 20, 2022 to February 22, 2022