Maradona of China has made the list of the best eleven players in Chinese women’s football history.

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Have sprung up in the history of the Chinese women’s team, the countless top stars, even in world football, they also can take his place, especially the end of the twentieth century that iron roses, is unparalleled, even make some soccer players, there is no doubt that the Chinese women’s football players, with their outstanding performance, won the praise of fans all over the world.Here’s a look at the best xi in Chinese women’s football history.Left halfback:Zhao Lihong Zhao Lihong nicknamed the “cat”, on the pitch like civet cat, often playing the role as team “crucial”, her sharp breakthrough on the wings and long-distance strikes, is an important tool, the Chinese women’s team in addition to speed, Zhao Lihong feet is also very good, the winger should have all the skills bag, no see her for the fans,Can think of English soccer star Beckham.Central midfielder: Liu Ailing is affectionately called “Chinese Matthaus” by fans. At the age of 20, she was selected to the Chinese Women’s football Team and has since firmly occupied the main force position. Throughout her career, Liu Ailing has represented The Chinese team in more than 140 official matches, an absolute veteran player.But she was born thanks to former national team coach Shang Ruihua, who stepped in to save Liu from the track and field. It was then that Liu led the Chinese women’s football team to sweep across Asia and become world-famous.The “jade face killer” of The Chinese women’s football team, Pu Wei could have made a difference with her high appearance level, but pu Wei still insists on devoting her youth to the football career she loves.Created by her a record so far no one can break, sixteen years international career, PuWei in total national team jersey in two hundred and nineteen, after retirement but also by the Chinese football association for its special farewell ceremony, this is the first time in the history of China’s football, even men have not received similar treatment,It shows her great contribution to the Chinese women’s football team.Right halfback: Zhang Ouying is the number one “fast horse” in the history of Chinese women’s football team. Her speed makes countless opponents tremble. She can often use her own impact force to break down the defense line of opponents.Although she was excluded from the national team because of the problem of the team leader, this could not bury her contribution to the Chinese women’s football team.Unfortunately, after retirement, Zhang Ouying suffered from illness and died at the age of 43.The most talented Chinese women’s soccer player of the last decade, She joined the National Junior High School at 12, entered the National Youth League at 15, and was called up to the national team at 17. For at least the first two decades of her career, Wang Shuang enjoyed a smooth sailing, but it was also due to her hard work.In the winter of 2016, Wang shuang had a chance to join the English Women’s Football Team, but failed due to the obstruction of the Chinese Football Association and the then head coach of the Women’s football team, Bini.However, two years later, she still successfully started her journey abroad, joined the French giants Paris Saint-Germain women’s football team, now Wang Shuang, has become the absolute champion of Chinese women’s football.Sun Wen is the most outstanding player in the history of Chinese women’s football team. She is known as the “Maradona of China”. She is known as the “World’s Maradona”.Sun continues to play in women’s football after retirement. She is currently the vice president of the Chinese Football Association, in charge of the Chinese women’s football team.Who do you think are the best players in women’s football?Leave your exclusive opinion in the comments section!The above content is limited by the xiaobian watching time and ability level, only represents personal views!This is Mengge Say ball, thank you for your attention and comments!