TheShy knows the game ahead of time!Imp thinks TES after the outbreak is also difficult

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The BLG team assisted Liu Qingsong to board the Fashion Bazaar. During the shooting of The Fashion Bazaar, Liu Qingsong was also interviewed by The fashion Bazaar.In the interview, Liu qingsong said that he thought he could become a professional player from the beginning, and then he must be successful in the professional field.Liu has been confident since childhood.Playing professional so many years, Liu Qingsong said his change is the beginning of the e-sports personality will be more strong, now, more will be for the team to consider.Career goals, Liu qingsong hopes to win another world championship.After reading the fashion Bazaar’s interview with Liu Qingsong, the net friend directly called liu Shao’s handsome appearance level, this is not electing hand at all, this is the idol star.I hope liu Shao can have a better performance in the field, break through himself and achieve his career goals while taking handsome photos.On January 26th, V5 and WBG met. Rookie and TheShy, who used to play together at IG, are now rivals.Before the match, TheShy mentioned on the live stream that he wants to play Rookie and he likes to develop. Even if he blows up, it’s ok. If WBG wins next way, the game will be won.In fact, “V5” guessed “TheShy” correctly. “V5” attached great importance to “TheShy” and did not give him a chance to develop well.When WBG saw V5 running on the road, SofM simply stayed off the road to help Huanfeng play advantage and development. After Huanfeng’s development advanced, WBG completed the match with V5.3 imp: TES after the outbreak of rain child, IMP and Kris even mai to discuss LPL before the Spring Festival teams play, talk to TES, rain child pointed out TES command is peng, because Ma Haiwei said if Peng in, it will let peng said a lot of things.Kris listened to said xiaopeng thought out of the problem, a big decision error, rain child refuted Xiaopeng is still good, if the small day TES also play bad?Imp made a summary, he thinks TES years ago, the two play wild play is not very stable, the whole team with chaos, state ups and downs, if not adjusted as soon as possible, after the year may also be difficult to TES outbreak.On January 25, the fist officials listened to the opinions of players and issued an announcement banning the content of Alchemy Dragon.On January 26, China server issued a notice, immediately, alchemy Dragon, Dragon Soul and terrain all removed.After the content of Alchemy Dragon is removed, the official will solve the problems existing in the current version. The first focus is on the terrain. It will take some time to improve the work, and Alchemy Dragon will not return to the valley in the short term.Alchemy dragons in pro games will be discontinued after the New Year.