Disheartened little doctor led the army to retreat!

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Hello everyone, welcome to Dake Comic book, I am the author dake, take you into the world of comic book.I have a new story for you today called “Fight through the Sky.”Stay tuned!We all know flirting, the Chinese idiom, pinyin is D ǎ qing ma Qiao, refers to men and women pretending to scold and joke, flirting with each other.Without more words, the text is as follows: Xiao Yan said to the little doctor fairy: Your poison is indeed difficult to solve, but I have already been immune to the poison!Small medical fairy asked: can you use different fire to disperse my poison?It’s no use, said the doctor, all this will go on and on as long as I live!The Gama Empire, the Shaws, I will only bring destruction and death to everything you hold dear…….Haibo east and Xiao Yan joke, Medusa not good spirit of say: hum, and old lover in the battlefield flirting, die to live people also sophiarize what?Xiao Yan hurriedly explain: this all what and what ah!Your Majesty!Don’t spread rumors!Well, that’s the end of today’s cartoon. See you next time!Want to learn more, come to the big Ke cartoon mad little doctor to destroy the whole world?Xiao Yan design, fall goose fooled!