Stick to!No. 5 Company of China Railway No. 15 Bureau will not stop construction of shanghai-Suzhou Lake railway project during the Spring Festival

2022-05-27 0 By

China construction news During the whole country celebrate the New Year, on the border between jiangsu and zhejiang China railway 15 bureau five Su Hu company Shanghai railway project construction site, there are 159 builders give up the opportunity with their family, still fighting in the project construction line work day and night, with their holding power of Yangtze river delta is the most important infrastructure – Shanghai Su Hu railway completed at an early date.The Shanghai-Suzhou Lake Railway project of The Fifth Company of China Railway 15th Bureau Group is mainly responsible for the construction of shanghai-Suzhou Lake railway Super-large bridge Zhenze Bridge section, Nanxun bridge section, Nanxun viaduct section and other projects, with a total length of 12.022 kilometers.The main works include 4081 bridge piles, 84 steel cofferdams, 419 caps, 440 pier columns, 11 continuous beams, 118 holes cast-in-place beams, etc.The project point many lines long, rain, interwoven river network, developed water system, poor geological conditions, high environmental protection requirements, complex construction technology, wading, cross navigation, cross road, deep foundation pit, continuous beam, cast-in-place beam bracket, special equipment installation and disassembly and other dangerous engineering work points, high safety risk level, difficult construction.In response to the superior’s call of “No work stoping during the Spring Festival” and “Spring Festival in place”, and to ensure that the construction schedule of the project would not be affected by factors such as the Spring Festival and the epidemic, the project team decided to implement “No work stoping during the Spring Festival” for some difficult projects after careful planning and research.Chen Zhaoyan, secretary of the Party branch of the project, said: “To ensure the implementation of the ‘No Work stoppage during the Spring Festival’ initiative, the project team prepared enough construction resources in advance, including materials and equipment, and took comprehensive measures to attract 159 builders to stay at the site.”During the Spring Festival, the project organized cultural entertainment activities such as making dumplings, playing games and dining together. “It’s ok for us to spend the Spring Festival here, but we can only wish our families through video or phone calls.””The project has a tight schedule and heavy task, and is at a critical moment of epidemic prevention.Our project does not stop work during the Spring Festival, which can not only respond to the call of the national local Chinese New Year, but also effectively promote the project construction, so why not kill two birds with one stone!”Chen zhaoyan said.(Wang Xin, The Fifth Company of China Railway 15th Bureau)