Beijing’s air quality reached the standard for the first time

2022-05-28 0 By

Hunan Daily, February 15, Beijing (all media reporter Hu Rui Wang Liang) blue sky and white clouds become normal, 2021 air quality for the first time to reach the standard, good days increased to 288 days…Yu Jianhua, deputy director and spokesman of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, introduced Beijing’s achievements in ecological civilization construction at a press conference for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.”The construction of ecological civilization will be regarded as the key work of the city, and the green development and green Olympic Games will be promoted in one. The flower of ecological civilization will bloom in the land of Beijing.”‘Beijing is committed to green and low-carbon development,’ Mr. Yu said.Pollution prevention and control efforts continue;Building a scientific and orderly layout of territorial space;Promote ecological protection and green development of ecological conservation areas;We will accelerate efforts to develop green lifestyles.After more than 20 years of governance and more than 300 measures, today’s Beijing has become a normal city with blue skies and white clouds.In 2021, Beijing achieved a landmark breakthrough in air pollution control, with 288 “good” days.In addition, the demonstration of ecological civilization in Beijing has covered five ecological conservation areas, including Yanqing, Miyun, Mentougou, Huairou and Pinggu, and radiated to the central city.The water storage capacity of Miyun reservoir reached a record high of 3.579 billion cubic meters.Beijing’s forest coverage rate reached 44.6 percent.More citizens have voluntarily chosen the “Clean SLATE Campaign” and “green Travel”.Conservation-oriented organs, green shopping malls and other activities to create a green life are in full swing.”The exciting Winter Olympics has entered the second half, but the green and low-carbon concept will continue in the city of double Olympics.”Yu jianhua said that under the blue sky and above the snow, Beijing will take the endless charm of ice and snow sports and the precious heritage of the ecological environment left by ice and snow sports to the future.[Editor: Hu Rui]