Bigger but cheaper, lexus next to BBA?Lincoln had something to say

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Commonly known as the first line luxury brands generally refer to BBA, after all, they are the sales of luxury brands.In addition, Lexus, Lincoln, Cadillac is the “second-line luxury brands.”Of course, this kind of classification is just folk word of mouth appellation, after all, there is no chamber of commerce to admit that he is the “second line brand”.But in fact, the models of “second-tier luxury brands” are always cheaper than the BBA models at the same level. Lincoln Aviator and Lexus RX, which are targeted at medium and large SUVs, start at 509,800 yuan and 509,000 yuan respectively, while BMW X5 at the same level starts at 699,900 yuan.In terms of pricing, Lincoln is a better ‘match’ with Lexus, which tends to have a better reputation and seems to be the ‘can’t go wrong’ choice in previous concepts.But as Lincoln continues to refine its product line, is that logic now obsolete?We discuss this topic by comparing the Lincoln Aviator with the Lexus RX.Lincoln and Lexus are both “people with stories” when it comes to brands.The Lincoln brand was founded in 1917 by Henry Leland, a manufacturer of V12 aircraft engines, who named the company Lincoln in honor of president Lincoln.Lincoln became a member of the Ford Motor Group in 1922 when Henry Ford, founder of Ford motor company, bought the Lincoln Motor Company.Lincoln Was a top car manufacturer in the 1930s. It cooperated with the top body manufacturers at that time to provide customized production services for car owners and create distinguished and personalized Lincoln models.Then, in 1936, the Lincoln Zephyr pioneered the “streamline,” incorporating aerodynamics into the design.Later, Lincoln launched Lincoln Continental, Lincoln Navigator and other classic models, once became franklin Roosevelt’s exclusive car.As a century-old brand, There are so many stories associated with Lincoln.Lexus, by contrast, is much younger. The lexus brand was created in 1983 to help compete with luxury brands such as Mercedes and BMW and to help Toyota further expand into The North American market.Lexus is also a homonym for Luxury, reflecting Toyota’s hopes for the brand.Thanks to Toyota group’s global most advanced R & D manufacturing system and smart commercial operation, Lexus has grown into one of the mainstream luxury brands by virtue of its high-grade design sense and excellent mechanical quality.Lexus may be better known from a brand perspective, since lexus has been a household name since the 1990s.But as a latecomer to the domestic market, Lincoln’s historical heritage is actually as good as Lexus’s, so in the eyes of big players, Lincoln and Lexus are at least equal.The difference between American atmosphere and Japanese exquisite Aviator and RX in appearance perfectly explains the different understanding of luxury between American cars and Japanese cars.American luxury cars pay attention to the atmosphere, which can be seen from the size, the length of Lincoln Aviator reached 5080mm, while the length of Lexus RX is only 4890mm, in addition, the Aviator is wider and taller than RX.So the appearance of the intuitive feeling, the aviator obviously to the atmosphere.If you look at other Lincoln models, they are almost always slightly larger than their class, which is a Lincoln “signature.”Lexus RX, by contrast, more concerned about delicacy, more willing to carve the details, such as spindle type the 10-day collocation model sharp headlights, and fluent line and slid back to the rear of the design of the movement, the setting of RX overall feelings appear more fashion movement, at the same time the look and feel of the whole car would be more compact, but in fact the size of the RX is not small.The same style also continues to the interior, the wide body of the aviator’s interior appears more stretch, leather material and wood decorative board collocation also makes the aviator’s interior more elegant.Lexus RX in the interior of the performance is more compact, a large number of buttons integrated in the center console, interior materials are not cheap, using a large number of leather materials as a package, compact and not yet delicate feeling.As for the specs, compared to the entry-level model, the Aviator has more multimedia features at a comparable price, including a larger center screen and support for the Internet of cars.Lexus RX in intelligent driving assistance, sound system, lighting configuration are more attractive, configuration has more advantages.But from another perspective, the Aviator now has a terminal discount of about 10,000 yuan, while lexus RX not only has no discount, but also may have to increase the price of the car, so it is common sense that THE RX configuration is slightly rich.Civilian V6 VS Expensive hybrid In terms of mechanical architecture, the two cars take completely different technical routes.You can buy a 3.0T V6 Aviator for just over 500,000 yuan, with a maximum horsepower of 355Ps, matching ford Group’s latest 10AT transmission. The smooth acceleration and charming sound of the large displacement V6 engine are naturally unmatched by the 2.0T lexus RX engine.But if your budget is more than 650,000 yuan, the RX 450H is even more attractive. The 3.5-L V6 and front and rear dual motors hybrid system, in addition to better fuel economy, can accelerate to 100km in 7.7 seconds, which is also a good overall performance.In terms of pure experience, people who buy aviator and RX models will probably not pay much attention to fuel consumption. On this basis, the experience of power output is more important.The Aviator’s 3.0T offers the surge and smoothness of a large displacement engine, while the RX 450H is more smooth and quiet. The two cars have very different personalities.But from another point of view, the aviator is equipped with 3.0T engine, which can be owned by more than 500,000 yuan, but the starting price of RX 450H is as high as 657,000 yuan. If the dealer’s price increase is included, the landing is at least over 700,000 yuan.There is a price difference of nearly 200,000 yuan between the two cars, which are completely different prices.To put it bluntly, the oil cost saved by RX 450H can not fill the gap of 200,000 yuan.Who has a higher sense of value, I believe you also have the answer.According to the traditional concept, Lexus has a high level of class, but with the continuous iteration of Lincoln products, Lincoln has the strength to compete with Lexus in terms of brand image and product power.On this basis, The Aviator also has a larger engine and a more affordable price, as a “conservative” thinking fuel party, although not to say the Aviator can beat Lexus RX, but at least when choosing a car, the Aviator will be an unavoidable option.