Old and young hand in hand to write Spring Festival couplets, “fu” into the New Year

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Writing and pasting Spring Festival couplets are traditional customs of Chinese people during the Spring Festival, and hand-written Spring Festival couplets are favored by residents.Every year at this time, some painting and calligraphy enthusiasts will brave the cold to take to the streets and volunteer to write Spring Festival couplets for residents.On the morning of January 25, in yuhuatai District new community new era civilization practice station, new community painting and calligraphy class students and Guxiong primary school painting and calligraphy class jointly held a Spring Festival, write Spring Festival couplets, send blessings, young and old collocation lineup, attracted a lot of residents to watch.At the scene of the activity, the old and children came together to write down a series of Spring Festival couplets with vivid meanings, which were delivered to the residents free of charge.Mr. Li Zhusong, who is over 70 years old, is a student in the community calligraphy and painting class. Although he is older, he is as energetic as the young.Li Zhusong, 74 years old this year, is a community party member, after retirement, he insists on creating every day, in the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and other important periods, he has created regular script, running script and other different forms of calligraphy works.”Some of us are old and some are young, but everyone is in a good mood.”Li Zhusong said.And the children of guxiong primary school calligraphy and painting class are not willing to lag behind, skillfully write a “fu” word.Although young, but the handwriting is still upright, very popular with residents.Later, with the help of their parents, the children completed a piece of paper and a piece of red lanterns.”I am very happy to participate in this activity, I write a” fu “here, make a lamp, cut a window, cage for local grandparents, wish our motherland more prosperous.”Guxiong primary school third grade pupil Sheng Chen Yi said.District grandpa and grandma to see the children a row of noisy coming, all showed a happy smile, vibrant children for this winter added a warmth.Holding calligraphy lovers to write Spring Festival couplets and the word “fu”, some people apply glue, some people clean up the old Spring Festival couplets last year, some people discuss sticking left or right……..The smiling faces of the children made jeong Soo-young, an 80-year-old retired teacher, say, “This is Chinese New Year!”Students have also sent wishes “Happy New Year to grandma and grandpa!”Wish the old man good health and a long life!Red Spring Festival couplets, lanterns, paper cuts and a piece of paper smiley face stroking activities scene set off particularly festive.(Lili, Correspondent)