Qingyuan Town: Multiple measures to encourage cadres to return to their positions

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Work to further strengthen the construction of style of work, strict discipline, and strengthen the discipline concept, radically town based on the Spring Festival is a critical node, adhere to grasp early small and preventive, focus on the key posts, key personnel, through the arrangement, supervision and inspection, deployed early, early warning, early warning, and residency support will ensure that all the county-rural cadres team members to implement job responsibilities,Quickly back to the heart, full of enthusiasm into the New Year’s work.Strengthen arrangement and deployment, and concentrate thoughts quickly.Style construction on the road, always radically town always style construction in the prominent position, using the group study, the town party committee staff meeting seriously study the honest self-discipline rules of the communist party of China, the Chinese communist party disciplinary regulations and ShengJiWei supervisor committee report in violation of the provisions of the central eight of the spirit of typical cases, make the party members and cadres know fear, intellectual and keep the bottom line.On February 7, the small long vacation the first day of the lunar New Year, the town party committee, township government acted quickly town village level meeting be held soon, the comprehensive arrangement on the post-holiday cadre style of discipline, require town village cadres as soon as possible out of the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, calm down and deep thinking, serious plot, a keep, nervous fast drying,Under the premise of strictly abiding by the party rules and regulations and the rules and regulations of the unit, we carry out various tasks with high quality and high efficiency.Strict work discipline, order quickly restored.In order to resolutely put an end to the existence of the town cadres “lazy and loose” stubborn miasmas, the town organ cadres every day to implement fingerprint sign and paper sign 4 times double sign system, other cadres every day to implement fingerprint sign 2 times sign system.Town of discipline inspection commission continue to strengthen the cadre daily attendance management, government affairs hall, authority and village (community) staff on-the-job discipline supervision and inspections, resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of late arrival, take off hillock sneak, and require the whole town staff matters stretched string of discipline, obey the work discipline, take the lead in demonstrations, supervise each other, telling each other, constantly inspire staff bear as,Passion and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.Strengthen supervision and inspection, the state of rapid adjustment.Town discipline inspection commission always adhere to the party committee and government decision-making deployment to where, supervision and inspection will follow up to where.During the Spring Festival, the cadres’ style of discipline, working status, mental outlook, etc., has been in-depth 31 villages (communities) on the town’s work style and discipline compliance situation to carry out an open inspection, from the source to dispel the various fluke mentality of cadres and workers, to ensure that the style of construction has achieved results.Commission for discipline inspection at the same time, the town of supervision and inspection found in all kinds of typical problems in a timely manner on exposure, education, guide and supervise the whole town party members and cadres moment tight discipline this string, the disciplinary rules stand in the front, adhere to the “thought to break the ice”, to supervise and inspect the reversed transmission cadres discipline attitude change, for the implementation of “catch-up” engineering director create a good business environment.Up to now, a total of 2 problems have been found in individual villages (communities), such as inadequate on-duty and incomplete snow cleaning, and 2 notifications have been issued.(Li Yanlu) Responsible editor: Zhang Jiarui